where I admit to watching even more television

It’s the return of the fall tv line-up and my DVR is definitely getting a work-out.

HIMYM-YAY Barney and Robyn are actually a couple now! I so love how they got together and I love even more that Robyn was the one with the issue about the strip club while Lily was stoked about her stripper doppelganger. (Side note, I can’t wait to see what Barney and Ted’s doppels are going to be…Marshall’s cracked me the hell up) I am also totally excited for the musical number, it reminds of one of my fave Buffy eps.

BBT– Continues to bring the laughs! Even if last night’s ep focused on crickets (seriously what the hell is up with crickets? I am being STALKED by effing crickets) it was still hilarious and bonus Lewis Black, you can’t lose. So many great lines in this show. It’s getting almost The Hangover-esque in that I am starting to miss stuff because I am laughing so hard from the previous joke. Awesome.

Dollhouse– Wow, wait to start the season with a bang. Um… unintentional pun there. Heh. Anyway, nice to see another Jossverse alum on the show, if only briefly, I wonder if his character is going to be a recurring one? I have a soft spot for Wesley. Anyway, I find it interesting that Echo is not the only one remembering things and Topher seems to be losing his grip a bit, I wonder where they are going to take that. I also wonder where Whisky is going to go now that she has left the house.

Bones– This is interesting for me because I am simultaneously watching new and old episodes. I am not totally caught up on the past but watching the present at the same time. It’s probably the wrong way to go about it but I am hooked enough that it has kept my interest all the same. I totally love the commercial with Angel (he will ALWAYS be Angel to me) dancing, so awesome.

Project Runway– So glad Johnny is gone. SO GLAD. I know that was week before but I needed to say it again. I’m fine with Ra’mon being gone. He wasn’t one of my top faves. I am really getting unnerved by Michael being gone, where the heck has he been? So glad he is coming back!

I saw on a magazine that Sara is back on CSI. I wonder if that would make me get back into it, or if it’s just too far gone now…is anyone watching it? I really stopped when Grissom left.

We are still watching Sons of Anarchy but man this season has been BRUTAL.

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