big green lies?

Have any of you watched this program? A lot of the information they covered I have seen before: disposable diapers vs. fabric, organic food vs. not, everyone should buy a hybrid or electric car (how hot is that Tesla?) and an experiment on how much money can be saved by rolling your windows down and not using your car’s a/c, but I found the information on V.O.C’s particularly interesting.

They determined that the V.O.C level in your home is actually worse than that of downtown L.A. Um. Growing up in Az, I am familiar with the brown ring of smog and to think that the air in my house is WORSE than that appears to be? Eww. As they ran through a test by spraying household cleaners, I recognized one of the bottles


as one I have been using in my own home. UGH. I had decided to try it out since my preferred cleaner, Method, is on the more expensive side. The V.O.C.’s from that particular bottle were stupid high and given my sinus and asthma issues, I am not down with that.

I had read a blog about making your own cleanser using Dr. Bronner’s castille soap, vinegar and water. I’m considering trying that out, have any of you heard of or tried this?

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