I watch entirely too much television

but at least it gives me something to blog about.

Sons of Anarchy:This is a recent addition and I’ve only partially got the story line figured out but we watched the season premiere of season two this week and it seems we are going to be in it for the rest of the season so, I’m listing it. This show is about a biker gang located in a town called Charming. It’s got a lot of crime, violence and drama. Plus it has Peggy Bundy as a bad-ass biker babe. The premier showed a special guest star Henry Rollins, as a white supremacist that prefers to be called a separatist; I love Henry Rollins.

Top Chef-Vegas: This season is BRUTAL. Being in Vegas, they are going with an over-arching theme of “High Stakes” so there are big rewards but there are also big surprises, as was the case of last night’s quick fire elimination which has never happened before. (totally agreed with who went home) The judges are also frequently mentioning how much better the talent is in this season over any other. I wonder how the other seasons feel about that? My faves: the brothers, Kevin and Jennifer.

Project Runway:I am so happy that they finally got over all their bickering and got this back on tv. Love this show! Didn’t love the former addict’s whine fest on the first eppy though. Dude GET OVER IT or go home. Seriously. Don’t have any faves yet, except for Tim Gunn. He is ALWAYS my fave. Him on the beach in a blazer and flip flops? LOVED IT!

Models of the Runway:This is interesting. Kinda. I don’t think I’ll watch this regularly but it is nice to get an idea of what the models are thinking behind the scenes of both the designs and the designers. I could do without all the catty bs that they have with each other, however.

iCarly: Yes, I know this is a tweenbopper show. I don’t care. I check the kid stations every day to catch this show. I even got Wills to watch it AND my friend D is watching it now too. Sprog will walk into my room and see me watching it and laugh at me. Whatevs. He watches it too! I think it’s worse that a teenage BOY is watching a girl show than me, right?

The Rachel Zoe Project:The way these people act like fashion is the most important thing in life? I die! I really am awe struck at how they behave on this show. I mean I like to look at the pretty clothes during awards seasons as much as the next person but the level of self-importance that they take it to? Oh my holy hell. It gives me fits! I can see why Bethenny started her twitter war with Rachel, even though some will say it’s only for publicity and it very well may be, after watching a few hours, I defy you not to want to call them out on their shit as well.

I’m waiting not so patiently for the return of my other shows: Big Bang Theory, Dollhouse, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, How I Met Your Mother and probably several others I am forgetting. I also watch any re-run of NCIS, Bones, Law and Order CI & SVU and CSI:Vegas.

Recently watched home rentals:

Sunshine Cleaning:I was pretty disappointed with this movie. I really wanted to like it, was very excited to get it via Netflix but spent the majority of the movie having disdain for one of the main characters for her lack of parenting abilities. It really drove both Wills and I crazy nearly the entire movie so it was hard to really get into anything else about it. Emily Blunt’s character, Nora, was good though, I liked her.

Adventureland:Hmm. I know this is supposed to be kinda like an 80’s version of Dazed and Confused but I don’t think it hit that mark. It was okay and I didn’t dislike it or anything but I don’t think it hit the cult classic mark with me to where I will watch it over and over again. Kristen Stewart did fine with her angsty messed up teen role but oddly I think that Ryan Reynolds dropped the ball with his character. I have seen him play the cocky player more than once and I don’t think he did it justice in this film. The other dude (no idea his name) was totally believable with his bumbling naive guy role, so much so that Wills mistook him for Michael Cera at first. (Haha, poor Michael Cera, you are SOOOO typecast for life)

At the theater:

Extract: MEH. Seriously this was barely worth the $5 morning matinee price we paid and if you feel you must see it, make sure it’s only for that price or a rental if you can swing that instead. The trailers are false advertisement towards funny but the movie is actually a heck of a lot more serious and depressing. Mila Kunis is searingly hot in this film but her character makes no sense at all and you are left wondering WTF? at the end as far as she is concerned. Jason Batemen puts in a good performance but it’s wasted among the rest and Ben Affleck is just Ben Affleck with long hair that he is constantly having to push out of his eyes; I seriously wanted to give him a damn pony tail already.

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