at the cinema

500 Days of Summer– I love this movie. I have recommended it to anyone that will listen and as often as I possibly can. I went not on a matinee morning for $5 but when it was still in an indie house and paid $9.50 + $6.50 for my hideously overpriced but tasty caramel popcorn; it was worth it. The movie, IMO, is charming, witty and funny, of course not everyone feels that way. Summer Finn’s character is not the easiest to get behind and Tom does have the capability of revisiting a shame spiral, if you have ever been completely desperately besotted with someone. Honestly, I think those interactions are what drew me in even further with this movie. A lot of times movies like this (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist* for example) leave some people with the annoyance factor of “That could never happen in real life” but obvs this whole situation CAN and DOES happen. If any one of you were here and wanted to see this movie? I would go again as often as asked.

Julie and Julia- I felt almost compelled to see this movie, as a blogger AND a cook. I thought it was cute and Meryl did a fabulous job with her portrayal of Julia. It was interesting to learn tidbits about Julia Childs, that I had never known before and my opinion of her has been forever changed. There were a few parts that seemed unresolved to me before the end and maybe it was a time constraint or maybe they were unresolved in life, I’m not sure. I have also sought out the blog this morning and started reading it, so maybe some of them will be answered there or perhaps in the book. My friend D said that seeing the movie made her want to DO something. Not cook necessarily because she already does that nearly every day (as have I up until this week) but just get out there and DO something. It is rather inspiring that way, thinking that a blog could turn into a book and a movie is pretty impressive. (of course I know that other blogs have turned into a book and I don’t have such grand ideas for my own blog….but it would be nice to know that you have touched other people in some way, you know?) Anyway, I am not as in love with this movie as 500 Days, but I certainly wasn’t bored sitting in that theater chair last night.

We have passes to see Funny People, so hopefully we will be seeing that this weekend some time. Sunshine Cleaning comes out on DVD on Tues and I always wanted to see that, so maybe a rental is in my future.

What movies have y’all been to lately? Did you enjoy them?

*I loved this movie also, but do acknowledge to the cynics that it might be a little far fetched :)

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