who gets hail in JULY?

Apparently, we do. Last night we left River Oaks Theater after seeing 500 Days of Summer (AWESOME MOVIE. It’s a MUST MUST MUST see) to the smell of rain. By the time we pulled the car out on to the freeway, it was pouring. Merging onto our 2nd freeway to get home, we had next to no visibility and cars were driving well under the speed limit with their flashers on but as we took our exit, the sky was clear and there was no rain. We beat it home by about 10 minutes. Now, the rain was expected and as I was trying to calm the dogs from the storm, I was prepared for thunder, lightning and the gush of water from the gutter on my patio. I was no prepared for the crack at the window so I went to see if something had fallen and saw ice. HAIL. HAIL in JULY. What the hell is this? Of course our most chickenshit of dogs completely lost her mind at the just under golf ball sized balls of ice hitting the windows and would not be kept in the kitchen even with us in there, poor thing. We didn’t have the tv or radio on so were totally unaware that we were also under a tornado warning. Neat!

So that was eventful.

Saturday was spent baking in preparation for a cake auction @ a benefit to help a friend’s parents, their house recently caught fire. I baked 3 cakes (2 were actually for the auction, Blackberry Upsidedown Cake and White Chocolate Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Orange Zest but the second one rose funny and didn’t look pretty enough to try and get money for so I made it again) which took about 4 hours in the kitchen. Then we headed up to help out at the benefit itself. I worked the bread station during the spaghetti dinner and Wills was on pasta. :)

Friday demo began on the guest bathroom. While Wills was at work I got started with removing one side of the backsplash from the sink and the mirror. Of course I found horrible things behind the mirror, country blue, shell patterned, wallpaper things. UGH. I also noticed a house number on the back of the pieces we removed that is close to ours but NOT ours. I think that means that other house got nice stuff and we got stuck with this ugly shell patterned heinousness. *shakes fist* Damn you builders of the 80’s and your copious cocaine usage! Haha. At any rate, we eventually got the sink and cabinet out and to the curb and wonder of all wonders, the trash men took it the next morning. Today I will remove the lino floor and baseboards and tonight the wainscot will go up! I am so excited for progress. Of course Sprog comes home on Friday and he might want a bathroom.

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