at the cinema

We’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately and because I am a rather opinionated person (certain people are choking on their beverages at this moment all around the world) I thought I would share my views on what we have seen recently.

Public Enemies– I am a lifelong Johnny Depp fan. I will see pretty much anything he is in (with the exception of Finding Neverland, I know when something is sure to make me cry and will avoid it 9 times out of 10) but from the first time I saw a trailer for this, I had my concerns. One of those concerns being Christian Bale. Apologies to any Christian Bale fans but his MOUTH! My god, his mouth, it drives me INSANE and distracts me from anything he says in every movie he is in. This movie? Lots of face shots of Mr. Purvis (his character). That isn’t biggest complaint however…this movie is very grim, very gritty and very jittery. Which you know, I guess is a part of it, being a gangster movie from back in the day, but Dillinger was supposed to be grace personified in his heists, that was his schtick; it didn’t show. The camera work is really bad in some points. It jostles so much it hearkens back to the Blair Witch at points and the editing doesn’t flow, IMO. With gangsters flicks you need to make a decision: show them as the larger than life characters they believed they were and commit to it, show them as the actual villains and criminals they were and commit to that or try to show the lives as they were on both sides commit to it AND DO IT WELL. I think the director tried for the third thing there but failed and the result was half-assed on the larger than life thing, half-assed on the villain thing. Verdict: DVD.

Star Trek-I have long claimed my geek status and while my Star Trek knowledge isn’t as strong as my Star Wars knowledge, I have watched countless hours of the show as well as the movies from back in the day. I had to see this movie when it came out. I have seen it twice now (once the two of us and once me and Sprog) and it held up. The movie doesn’t fall prey to the typical Star Trek trap of getting itself so mired in mythos that the standard movie goer would get left out and yet still gives enough of a nod to the past that old fans can geek out over inside jokes and lines from old shows. The special effects are of course awesome but aren’t the only thing going for the movie, the actors can actually act well enough to hold their own. I think everyone was well cast for their respective roles.(fun fact: The new captain kirk is the son of one of the cops from Chips) It’s not all drama all the time and there are ample moments to laugh about. My one tiny complaint is a bit of Nimoy cheese that I felt was unnecessary but really all things concerned? It’s not that big of a deal. Verdict: Definitely see this movie in the theater.

Away We Go-We opted to see this film instead of sitting through Transformers with the boys (I never saw the first Transformers and I don’t intend to) and I am so glad we did! I love supporting indie movies in large movie houses and this one didn’t disappoint at all. It was quirky and charming. There were moments that I didn’t expect at all and I laughed pretty damned hard at the whole exchange with the stroller. If you’ve seen the commercials or the trailer? That scene is HILARIOUS. Seriously. There are some extremely poignant moments and I had to hold back tears a couple of times but it was well worth the experience. Each cast member definitely brings a lot to their performance but Allison Janney? Wow! Total departure for her. Melanie Lynskey’s character really struck a chord with me, even though her time on screen is relatively brief; very well played. Verdict: Definitely see this movie in a theater. (I am a huge advocate for indie and original movies, Hollywood needs to stop churning out repeats and crap)

The Hangover-So. Effing. Wrong. So. Effing. Funny. We have seen this twice (I didn’t make it through the second time due to a migraine.) and will definitely be buying it. They are planning the sequel, already in the works, and sprinkle lines from the movie around the house a lot. I couldn’t wait to see this in the theater, when I saw the commercials, even though people around me warned that it probably wasn’t going to be that funny and that all the good bits were going to be the ones in the commercials. People, I was laughing so hard and for so long, I missed shit. I am not going to claim that this is Shakespearean in nature or remotely high brow but sometimes you just want to laugh and this movie supplies that, in spades. Verdict: Definitely see this movie. I don’t care how you do it.

The next movie we plan to see is Harry Potter. I CAN’T WAIT! *bounce*

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