the honey salt scrub

I approached Catherine Zeta Jones’ honey salt scrub as I do with any other recipe, i.e. pretty much no recipe at all. This is why I don’t bake much; I rarely measure.

I put a ramekin (the bowl the hubs referred to) on the counter, squeezed a good bit of raw honey into it, then dumped enough kosher salt over the top to see but not completely cover the honey. I let it soak in a bit then added some more. Then I added a bit more honey and a bit more salt. When I took my shower, I stirred it around a bit so each scoop of my hand felt like the right consistency. I made sure to scrub in circular motions just like I normally would and rinse really well.

I focused on my face, neck, elbows, knees and feet.

Make sure that you don’t let it get into your eyes! It does taste pretty good if you get it into your mouth compared to the commercially available stuff. :)

It is an item that you need to make immediately before your shower, because the honey will eventually dissolve the salt.

Willy just asked me what I was doing and I explained. I wish I had a camera for the face he made when I told him that the scrub was made out of honey and salt. Haha.

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