coping strategies

I’m the mayor of sad town (rapidly approaching an annex of the neighboring town of bitter as the holidays approach) and today I have indulged in some coping measures.

Sad songs on the iPod:
Cat Power-Wild is the Wind
A Fine Frenzy-Almost Lover
A Fine Frenzy-Hope for the Hopeless
Damien Rice-Delicate
Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah
Fiona Apple-The Child is Gone
Bif Naked-Lucky

Touching pictures of the hubs with the newest nephew, who is now a month old, when we saw them for Sunday dinner:

Willy and baby Luke

and finally PUPPY CAM!

Six Puppies in San Francisco bring you joy :)

We are leaving for the hospital again here in a few…as depressing as the Cancer Ward is, I feel better being with her than being so far away. It also feels right being there for Wills, he does so much for me, being the “Queen’s own taste tester and all”* and I know that he needs my strength right now.

*There is a funny story to this that I will explain soon. Suffice it to say, I am the Queen.

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