on things both public and private

As you know yesterday was our third wedding anniversary and my lovely husband surprised me with diamond earrings. I was under the impression that our trip at the end of the month, while mainly for the sprog’s 13th b-day, was going to count as part of our anniversary as well, due to the high cost of everything and therefore had not purchased a gift. Well, I REALLY don’t like being empty handed. In fact, I would give everyone I know a gift for every occasion whether they have one for me or not (and do as often as I can) and so I talked with the sprog about a plan.

This weekend is Father’s Day and the sprog will be gone for most of it (GAH! He has already been gone EVERY WEEKEND THIS MONTH! I HATE SUMMER) so I asked him how he felt about giving Wills the gift I had earmarked for his birthday as a combination anniversary/father’s day gift instead. I’ve had it since JANUARY and it’s been hidden in the house this whole time so pulling it out early wasn’t going to be a problem for me, but we already had something else picked out for Father’s Day, so if the sprog wanted to stick with that, I wasn’t going to derail it. Fortunately, he agreed to go with what I had instead and so last night I gave Wills this:

Vinyl Art by Daniel Edlen
Original Vinyl Art piece by Daniel Edlen

Wills is a HUGE Jimi fan and when I found this artist, I knew that I had to get something Jimi done for him. He does other people as well and is such a NICE GUY. Seriously. I am HUGELY IMPRESSED with his work and so was Wills. His blog is here definitely check him out. If you order anything from him, please let him know that I sent you. I would like him to know how happy we are with his work. Truth be told, I think we are still going to get Wills the Father’s Day gift we planned, it just means I can order it and have it shipped instead of rushing around to get it here by Sunday. Yes honey, you read that right, TWO GIFTS FOR YOU! LOL.

In other news, people in my life are making me RANTY. This means a private post is coming and in short order. So here’s the rub, some of you haven’t registered on this here blog and that is totally fine but for those that have, what to do about private posts? I have no idea how that works with the readers. Does the title even show up or is it nothing at all? Should I e-mail you guys directly when a private post is up to let you know that it’s there or just tack a note onto another post? I’m not sure what would work best in this situation.

In a small item of bitchy: I got a new bathing suit yesterday with a super cute ring detail. Let me just mention, I WAS NOT THINKING. Those rings are not so cute, WHEN THEY ARE BURNED INTO YOUR SKIN. I apparently missed one shoulder area with the spray on sunscreen and now I am going to have a funky ass tan line, which is going to look HORRIBLE with my LBD at the theater on Saturday night. Not to mention the lack of sleep due to sunburn last night and the OMG SKIN CANCER freak out as well.

I added a new workout to my Wii Fit, courtesy of Random Rantings. I am not going to link to it because she mentioned taking it down shortly due to some skeevy comments she has already received over it. Her link is in the blogroll, if you get there quick, it might still be up. I DEFINITELY felt the muscles working and I am DEFINITELY feeling them today. I plan to do this workout every single day until we go to Orlando and maybe then I will accomplish something I haven’t done since high school (and frankly very rarely then) and that’s wear my bathing suit sans bottom cover-up. This is a HUGE goal for me and a HUGE point of neurosis, so we’ll see.  I can’t believe our trip is under two weeks away. I feel so ill prepared!

Had a huge spike in page views the other day so: Hi new people! *waves* I hope you’ll stick around!

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