It’s been 3 years ago today. In some ways, that day and these years have been both crystal clear and a blur all at once. I’m not the most romantically verbose woman in the world and these posts don’t exactly come easy for me, but the same can not be said for my Wills. The choice of him, was one of the easiest I have ever made in my life. We’ve had our ups and downs as most couples do, marriage is a lifetime of saying “I do, I will” no matter how you actually feel about them that particular day.

I must say though, that the lows have never really seemed so low and the highs have always seemed higher with Wills than they have in any other relationship in my life. It’s truly liberating to be yourself in a relationship, 100% yourself. It’s a luxury that I never thought I would have. My husband thinks it’s funny that I have belching contests with my son, I don’t have to hide or apologize for that fact. He knows that I talk to the house pixies when my things go missing or that after getting a series of pictures this morning of this

Dragonfly head on view

dragonfly, I thanked the dragonfly out loud for his cooperation before he flew away.

He’s the first person I have ever been with that agrees with me politically and boy can I just tell you how nice that is? Although, truth be told WATCHING IT ALL THE TIME IS GETTING RATHER OLD HONEY. He even reads this blog and has supported me with it from day one. He never questioned my having one or thought it weird because bonus fun fact, he had one of his own-long before I ever had this one. He’s the first person I share any news with and the last person I ever want to hurt. I am learning to cuddle for him. THIS IS HUGE, I am NOT A CUDDLER.

I love him for all the work he has done rebuilding the damage of my past, perceived or otherwise. I love him for the fact that even though he doesn’t fully get my neurosis, he doesn’t make me feel like a freak about it and doesn’t just expect me to “get over it”. I love him for being a nerd and being PROUD OF IT. I love that I can talk to him, really talk to him. I love that we have traditions and that they are as important to him as they are me. I love that he thinks being a good husband is one of the most important things he can do in his life. (child of divorce, I kinda think that is amazing)

We have so much in common that life with him is easy, comfortable and the pieces seem to just fall into place. We still have enough differences that it’s never boring; mainly because I won’t let him go straight into being a damn grandpa as he so desperately desires. 😉

It’s been a wild ride this first 3 years and I am excited to see where we go from here. There is so much left of our lives together and I can’t even imagine what time will bring, but I relish the opportunity to find out with you by my side. I love you honey. Happy Anniversary and here is to many more!

*Edit* I wrote this last night and scheduled it to hit this morning so that it would be there when the hubs made it to work. Since I don’t work, I get to sleep in and I wanted this post to be the first thing he saw this morning. Awww. When I finished, I made my way to the bedroom and found a little box with bow under my pillow. Seems I was not the only one doing some pre-planning for our anniversary. The hubs read my post freaking out about BlogHer and my lack of accessories and decided to do something about it. There are some lovely diamond earrings in my ears at this moment. He is definitely a keeper!

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