Wii Fit: the update

So I’ve had Wii Fit for two weeks now and thought I should do an update. I have unlocked all of the balance games at this point.

I have unlocked all the yoga poses.

I have unlocked almost all of the strength exercises.

I have unlocked only 6 of the Aerobics exercises.

I had a migraine yesterday and I still tried to work out, that is how much I love this thing. I haven’t lost any real weight (my BMI is underweight again but I am hoping that is just the normal daily flux thing) but I have noticed some toning already happening and this makes me very happy. I’ve had to miss a day or two here and there because of the hectic goings on of life and it bugs me. I enjoy it way too much to not do it.

I haven’t made it to the pool as I had hoped. The swim team is taking it every morning and that means it’s overrun with kids every afternoon. Maybe I’ll have to join the gym afterall just to be able to swim laps like I want.

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