watch me wiggle, hear me…

speak! I have a thing for bandwagons and jumping on a good one when I see it. Besides, I had to fulfill a special request for Wii Hula. Now I feel like a HUGE dork and have broadcast it all over the internets, SOBER. Go me!

Oh I should mention that was take 3. The first one, you couldn’t make out what was happening on the screen. The second, there were technical difficulties as both the Wii-mote and the balance board had fallen asleep. On this third run I got a “Calorie Incinerator” score of 303 turns of my hula hoops! There is also a cameo of Maddie walking through and Mayday laying by my feet just off camera. (she later used the balance board as a pillow, pictures to be posted to flickr at a later date)

Special thanks to the hubs for filming, uploading and encoding this for me!

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