First Community Class

I realized today that I just essentially stopped blogging about school before we even made it to the halfway point and that’s largely because the process soundly kicked my ass both mentally and physically. In case you didn’t see it elsewhere, I did in fact graduate and I am even beyond just a certified yoga instructor but an actual 200 RYT because I went ahead and registered myself with The Yoga Alliance. I have continued my education since school ended (it’s been almost two months now), have tried things that I thought were beyond my skill level and was successful, and am kicking around the idea of attending a yoga retreat in India next year.

I have lots of thoughts about the whole experience and where I am in it but they are pretty jumbled as life is pretty jumbled and well…that’s not what this post is about, I mainly bring any of this up to get this space up to current and then I can always go back and delve (maybe).

Anyway, as part of our graduation we were asked to sign up to teach $5 community classes. These classes are open to any one of any skill level and they are to help us cut our teeth as fledging yoga teachers. I taught one of my two committed classes Saturday.

Here is my playlist for the class
Ben Harper: The Three of Us
Hozier: Work Song
Hozier: Arsonist’s Lullabye
Lera Lynn: True Detective (Curly Tonic & Franz S Bootleg)
Broken Social Scene: Sweetest Kill
Lorde: Buzzcut Season
Moby: Down Slow
Depeche Mode: Heaven
The Civil Wars: Billie Jean (live)
Beck: Morning
Damien Rice: Grey Room
Cat Power: Wild is the Wind
Siri Sadhana Kaur: Ra Ma Da Sa

I thought about sharing the sequence and the best way to do that in this space and unfortunately, I haven’t gotten that fully sorted yet. In the meantime, I thought at least the music would be a good thing. It was intended to be a slow-flow, grounded class and I think after MUCH agonizing on choice, the music worked really well for that.

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