YTT Weekend Three: yesterday yoga ninja badass, today decrepit old lady

I feel very Bridget Jones about writing this update today. I had planned on beginning the weekend three update with the statement “Am yoga ninja badass” since I did (and held) two arm balances that I have never done before, have never arm balanced before at all, on Sunday and was riding that high. Of course then I woke up and my 40 year old body brought my ass right back to the reality of the facts. The facts that I spent an entire weekend work-shopping inversions and arm balance poses while fighting a migraine. So less “yoga ninja bad-ass” more “the Bridg that fell on her ass sliding down the fire pole” here.

My group lead teacher taught the entire weekend, she is a tiny adorable drill Sargent and this shit was no joke. We spent most of our practice time, which was A LOT, building our bodies up to inversions and arm balance. This meant various chest, heart and shoulder openers, lots of work on the trapezius muscles, deep hip crease opening, deep work on the inner groin, core work, wrist opening…you name it we probably tore it a new one.

My word for this year is “try” so even with the migraine I did as much as I reasonably could without making my eyeballs want to auooga right out of my head and onto the floor. I also went and got a B12 shot Saturday before class to help speed up the recovery so I could participate even more. I fully did shoulder stand but I have a lot of work to do on my shoulders (super tight and restricted) before I have the range of motion I need to get into headstand properly. Some funny things happened toward the end of the night both days: 1) when we pulled our mats to the wall three of us couldn’t participate fully so we were on the windows and the rest were on the wall it was like we were wearing those blue placards. 2) I was the example of what it looks like when you have tight shoulders in handstand and everyone was so concerned for me, like thought I was in pain concerned, I was totally fine. 3) we did our togetherness mantra but Sarah went lower and slower than usual so it sounded like a funeral durge, it was hilarious. 4) Stacey was making inappropriate jokes anytime Sarah talked about using the strap or putting it where you like it and I could not stop laughing. I think week 3 is where you really start feeling the ass kicking.

Saturday night I ordered two props as soon as I got home, to help me with the body work I need to focus on. I ordered a yoga strap and another yoga blanket to pair with the one Willy got me as part of my bday. I need another cork block (Willy got me one of the hugger mugger cork blocks I asked for too), a lacrosse ball, bolster and probably a body roller yet (Stacey recommended the body roller because of my shoulder issues) so I hopefully will continue to round out my props really soon.

Sunday was all about the arm balances and we broke down and/or attempted 6 different arm balances, some on our backs using straps or in the air with straps. Of course the two dudes were like instantly busting out the strength but it was fun to see the girls be able to get into the poses as well. We noticed that the guys tended to have an easier time with extended poses while the girls had an easier time with compact poses (except Lolasana, that just sucks for everyone, legs are effing heavy yo) When I got into crow, we had just given another girl a bunch of feedback so no one was really watching me. I was up for a while and finally said “can someone look at me please?” which made Stacey bust out laughing and then people clapped for me. Haha. Totally not what I was trying to get, the clapping I mean, I just needed to know if my tailbone was down like it should be because I was focusing so hard on not falling I literally couldn’t feel it at that point.

When it came time to try bhujapidasana I just essentially bent over and did it. I also crossed ankles in the pose and switched sides. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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