Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend Two Outfits

I know I said I would post the weekend two update today but it’s a lot of info and I already uploaded the outfit pics so I’m going in this order instead.

It’s cold and rainy here. Every day, cold and rainy. I got on a tear about leg warmers because our studio is half glass windows but apparently it’s past time when all the regular stores have them available and the ones I really wanted are more than I want to spend on leg warmers. (HOW ARE THERE BIKINIS IN STORES? HOW?) I’ll probably end up getting them, eventually, but in the meantime I found some good options from a dance supply store and will go back to get more if the weather doesn’t warm up soon.


I call this my “yoga matryoshka doll” look because there are so many layers of clothing.
Beanie: TOMS for Target
Infinity Scarf: Target
Raincoat: Target
Fingerless Gloves: Target
Wellies: Hunter (Amazon)
Black legwarmers: Fancy Dancer Boutique (local dance supply) new
Yoga pants: Kyodan (TJ Maxx) new
Gray open cardigan: Costco
Black cinch top: Löle (REI) new
Neon sports bra: Target


I wore the same: raincoat, rain boots, scarf, cardigan and legwarmers this day.
Yoga pants: Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
Side cinch top: Prana (REI) new
Sports bra: Target


I have decided that Sunday is comfy day. By Sunday I am completely tanking and I stay for restorative class after school anyway so I am going to pick up a couple more pairs of harem style or relaxed pants to round out a month’s worth (rotating 4 Sundays) and just be a schlumpadinka on this day.
Purple legwarmers: Fancy Dancer Boutique (local dance supply) new
Parachute style yoga pants: Kyodan (TJ Maxx)
Quote muscle tee: Love Couture
Sports bra: Target

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