Yoga Teacher Training: Weekend One Aftermath and Assignments

When last we left our intrepid yoga teacher trainee, she had just done ALL THE MANY SUN SALUTATIONS for days on end, had to practice teach with a partner, practice teach a whole room and follow the whole shebang with the least restorative restorative yoga class ever.

So where do we go from here? Well. I go to not being able to lift arms fully overhead for an entire day. I stood on my tip toes in order to get the reach I would need to grab anything I wanted. I go to not getting any sleep because of deep muscle soreness. I wake up with a migraine Tuesday morning. And then? I go right back to class. You probably don’t do anything of these things but I have a 3 additional class per week requirement I have to meet and am voluntarily getting my ass kicked on the weekends.

I attended class with my favorite teacher Tuesday (and it met my “you have to take one of your three classes with one of the three of us per week” requirement), but lets be clear, she’s not easy or chill. My body and my head screamed at me for most of the class but one of my fellow trainees was there and we commiserated a bit and were able to laugh (mainly about restorative actually kicking our asses) so that was a huge benefit.

Wednesday night Willy came home sick, so much so that he stayed home the next two days and slept in the office since then, and the dogs have been utter chaos (Frank threw a tantrum over Bailey having toys he didn’t and started eating our dining table in protest) it’s been raining and cold so they aren’t getting enough play time, it’s just nuts around here (the whining is breaking me, I swear). And on top of that it was week one trying to adjust with the new school routine, I have A TON of reading to do and I feel like the house and my responsibilities with cooking and other chores have just completely spun out. I have a pile of ironing which is enormous and just sitting there mocking me daily. Plus, this sinus and chest funk is still here because it’s so cold and wet and just BLEAH.

Our homework this week was to fill out asana breakdowns for downward facing dog and warrior I. The breakdowns asked for specific muscle and body part alignment in each pose along with what the energetics of the pose are, any complications, warnings or modifications. Y’all. We basically were given this homework without a lot of instruction or guidance and left to our own devices and then the greater majority of us freaked right the fuck out. As one of my fave classmates asked “do they even realize the personality types they have up in here?” Several of the students spent two hours on the homework and used multiple books plus the internet trying to get the answers because NOT ONE RESOURCE has the specific alignment for all of the body parts on our sheets. They may have a few or they may focus on ONE, but none have all of them. It was MADDENING.

So that’s all the bad stuff, let me talk about something interesting I have noticed. The typical drama subjects are still pulling their BS right now and I didn’t feel the instant fire of 1000 suns in anger about it. I am upset about what’s going on, because it’s not right, but it’s more detached and sad than furious. I am removed and staying that way. Interesting, no? Now it could just be that I am bone level weary or it could be that I am focusing my energies somewhere more “worthy” or it could just be that the work I am doing is making some changes on what they are able to affect in me or it could be the magic of my 40th birthday on the horizon, who knows. It’s still wrong, it’s still upsetting, I’m just reallllly embracing that whole weird “not my circus, not my monkeys” mindset.

Cut to Friday, I turn in my homework, run off to class (my final of the three for the week) which happens to fall right before school for the night so it’s convenient but I’m just holding out hope that Friday school isn’t going to be super hardcore since I’m stacking like this, and it seems I’m not alone. Several trainees are in class with me and one of my teachers is also attending. Class? Class features SURYA NAMASKAR A AND B. GODDESS POSE. WARRIOR II AND III. HALF MOON POSE. *weep*

Weekend two recap coming tomorrow!

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