Yoga Teacher Training: Outfits for Weekend One

When I freak out about things or stress out about things I tend to try and get my appearance in line 1) because when I stress my mother’s voice creeps back in with allllll her criticisms on my appearance and 2) it’s an easy thing to control when I feel out of control.

So I made sure that every piece of yoga apparel I owned was washed and ready to go for school. I also crowd sourced on twitter for the best places to round out the remaining holes in my wardrobe, namely tops. I get really heated in class, my instructor loves to turn off all the fans and then the heater kicks on because it’s winter and I WANT TO DIE, so I want to wear as few layers possible. Ideally that means tops with integrated bras, which have been much harder for me to locate than I expected. I am not overly well endowed but I have had a kid and gravity is a bitch, ya know? I need some support.

Anyway, here’s what I wore the opening weekend. I figure I am not the only person that cares about stuff like this.

Point of note: our weather here has been in the 40-50 range at the top, so I probably should be wearing a coat but what isn’t shown in the first two pics is my fave GIANT black infinity scarf that is crazy warm and I wore the same warm fuzzy boots every day.

Day One
Long sleeve top: Cynthia Rowley (TJ Maxx) new
Black ruched side tank: Old Navy
Sports bra: Target
Patterned yoga pants: RDX (TJ Maxx)
Fuzzy boots: Bear Paws (Nordstrom Rack)

Day Two

Long sleeve top: Vans (gift from Sprog many moons ago, not technically yoga gear)
Coral Tank: Kyodan (TJ Maxx)
Yoga pants: Mondetta Performance Gear (TJ Maxx)

Day Three

Long sleeve ruched top: C9 by Target
Black Tank: Work Out Life (TJ Maxx)
Harem style yoga pants: Mondetta Performance Gear (TJ Maxx)
Pink cowl scarf: Target

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