The Adventure List

I mentioned in my 2015 goals that I’d like to cross another adventure off my list but what exactly is my list? I’m not sure that I’ve ever really sat down and lined out the specific adventure type items that I’d like to try or things that I even consider adventure-y. Some are a stretch for that word, I admit, mainly it ranges from things outside my comfort zone straight on through to actual adventure.

In the past I’ve been whitewater rafting
More of three rocks
through some class IV rapids

I’ve swam with sharks
in Belize

I’ve taken a peek down over the edge into Royal Gorge
The view from the top of the Gorge
in Colorado

Gone off roading in Sedona
Pink jeep tour
on a Pink Jeep Tour

I’ve hiked down into The Grand Canyon
(this is me and Sprog on the way back up. Sprog is deathly afraid of heights and he was super freaked out about this whole experience)

I’ve been on a Catamaran out in the ocean and another which capsized in Lake Havasu
On a Catamaran, 18 years ago

I’ve kayaked in the mangroves off of Key West (a shark swam right underneath us)

I grew up waterskiing in a man made lake with high canyon walls (very dangerous skiing if you hang out too wide)

But there are things I’d love to do that I haven’t yet done

We didn’t get to go cave tubing in Belize (since we had to come home a day early) and I am sad we missed that experience, I want to get to go cave tubing someday
I want to learn to surf
I want to cross a huge suspension bridge like one of the ones in Yosemite
I want to go zip lining
I want to get up in a hot air balloon
I want to stand up paddle board
I want to walk on or boat by a glacier
I want to be close to a whale breeching the water
I want to take a helicopter tour
I want to hike along or swim in a huge waterfall
I want to be somewhere crazy for a NYE celebration like Scotland or NYC
I want to stay on a dude ranch in AZ (like Caitlin did) and really ride some horses
I want to do aerial yoga or trapeze

What are your favorite adventure experiences? What should I add to my list?

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