2015 is gonna be big

In 2015 I turn 40, on the 14th day of 2015, so knocking that big thing out right quick…
In 2015 I will spend the first three months in my 200 hr yoga teacher training, a VERY VERY big thing…

And truth be told the weight of both of those things has me freaking out and a little exhilarated at the same time. It seems like a lot of change all at once but also like what better time to heap a whole bunch of change? In that spirit, I have the desire for some real resolutions, real goals and real desires for this coming year.

-tile the closet and master bath
-rip out the old vanity and build new one for master
-paint master bath
-barn door for master bath
-closet organization and purge
-kitchen cabinets and countertops
-outside and structural issues
-sand and refinish outside table
-fire pit
-reclaim patio spaces
-order and hang our personalized travel map
-print and hang photo of my grandfathers Daytona race car
-finish yoga space in bedroom

-ladies trip (rent a house with a groups of ladies, some place sunny and relax)
-get home (this includes visit to brother in prison)
-summer trip incl Sprog this year
-check a travel bucket list item off
-get to the mountains
-day trips around TX
-visit more national parks
-cross another adventure activity off the list

-complete YTT
-sign up for and complete pre/post natal 85hr YTT course
-once a month date night with Willy
-get back into reading
-acupuncture for sinus and migraines
-meal planning at least two weeks of every month
-10 mins (at least) of solid meditation a day
-volunteer more (possibly donation yoga once I’m certified)
-cook from a cookbook once a week
-create freezer meal stockpile
-get to the Ghandi exhibit before it’s gone
-get ink you’ve been waiting for
-continue to build friendships with yoga peeps
-more live music
-more documentaries
-less “reality” tv
-clear clutter from overflow spaces: holiday decorations, clothes, craft closet, shoes

-put money into growth/survivor benefit fund for Sprog
-budget and buy gift cards/set aside funds for Christmas throughout the year
-include donations for children in Christmas budget
-rebuild my savings

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