The Big 4-0

In a little over a month or so, I’ll be celebrating my fortieth birthday. Which, holy shit, you know? I don’t know why but that number is majorly freaking my shit out. Usually for my birthday I run a scarf swap and I have already been asked by more than one person about when this year’s swap is going be. The short answer is, it isn’t happening. Here’s the deal: in both the scarf swap and flip flop swap people have been let down by their swap partners. They, in good faith, have sent items only to receive nothing back or to receive something not equal to what they sent and that bums me out. I’m really, really not happy about it and if you were one of those people, I’m so very sorry. I don’t want to host something that leaves people with a sour taste in their mouth. I thought about trying to find some way to do it where I limited the participants or had some sort of rating system so I knew who could be “trusted” but frankly that takes what is supposed to be a fun thing and turns it into a huge admin nightmare and just no.

I’d really like to try and take a negative and turn it into something positive if I can, however…

Today, on twitter, Andyouknow mentioned grabbing another wishlist/adopt-a-kid tag off the tree at work and while I think it is SO GREAT that she is helping so many kids, it just breaks my heart. That so many kids are left wanting all the days of the year but especially at the holidays…they shouldn’t have to ask for basic essentials as gifts, they should get to open fun things just like other (more privileged) kids. So, I had a thought. What if I asked that people grab one of these tags? If forty people could help forty kids in honor of my big 4-0? That would be pretty amazing, to me. I would gladly make you a custom pair of earrings, flower pin, headband or send you a print of any of my photos in return. Obviously this wouldn’t wait until January but would need to happen now, in time for Christmas, so I’m tossing this up now.

Please let me know if anyone is interested in participating and we’ll figure out how to move forward.


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