Halloween 2014 (the details post)

Originally I planned on being my favorite villain for Halloween but budget concerns (we have given the vet all our monies) and time concerns (I am at the vet all the time or taking care of the new pup) derailed that plan so a little over a week before Halloween I was scrambling for something low cost but still cool. I had three choices I could do somewhat easily, very cheaply and with some excitement. The winner of the three

Effie Trinket and Seneca Crane

The whole combination of our costumes came in around $45-47 dollars but that is counting a $20 button down shirt that Willy can clearly wear to work, so I hardly think that counts. Breakdown of bought items:
Marilyn Monroe wig: $14.99
Pink hair chalk: $4.99 (+5% off at Target on my Target red card)
Red button down: $40.00 marked down to $19.99
Black sweater vest: $5:41 (should have been $6+ but she charged me as if it was a woman’s sweater vest instead of a man’s) from Goodwill
Ankle socks: $2.00 on clearance (+5% off at Target on my Target red card)

I also bought some makeup but I needed blush anyway so I’m not listing it out.

My outfit came from my closet: fuchsia ruffle dress from Old Navy, maroon velvet coat from some now closed shop in the mall, black booties from Target.
Willy’s outfit pieces from his closet: tan jeans from Target, black Clark’s dress shoes, black jacket from Target. The red chest stripe is the sash from an old robe I have kept around in my fabric stash just in case.


The flower hair piece I made myself out of an old shirt

it’s a closed piece that I then sewed directly to the wig so I can remove it and use it for something later if I want. I can also use the wig for another costume later if I want as well.

The neck piece is made of more flowers I made from old shirts (the hydrangea flowers are t-shirts, the rose is chiffon, the peony is liner fabric and the spikey flowers are chiffon)

which I sewed to a strip of fabric that came from Sprog’s ninja costume when he was four (I AM A HOARDER, but I kind like that I have incorporated something from when he was a wee Sproglet)

I struggled the most with the wig. I just could not find anything that was the right color and I new that those color sprays for hair would make it too pink. I also couldn’t find anything with the right shape so I bought the closest thing and decided to try and doctor it.
This Marilyn Monroe wig was pale enough that I could color it, was curly in the back but the front was too swoopy and floppy so I rag rolled it like I did for my Mrs Lovett hair last year (you have to use scalding hot water and then let it air dry) then pin curl on top of that to get it to pull up enough, it still hung down too much in some spots but it was much better.
For the color, I used pink hair chalk and that turned out to give me EXACTLY the color I wanted.
I did multiple makeup tests, mainly because I have darker eyebrows but on the night of I just went with tinging them pink and that worked out for the best. I used a mix of a stick concealer and NYX milk to get my skin as pale as needed and cover the edges of my lips for the lip shape she has in the movie. I also went over my bottom lashes with the same colors. To be truest to the makeup I should’ve had pink lashes but I don’t want to mess with any lash glue that might irritate my eyes. Willy handled his beard trimming and additional make-up (for the pointy swoopy shapes) and he did a really great job.

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