The girl who lives in a bubble and gets to eat air

I finally got to follow-up with my doctor this morning about my basic food allergy test results. I’ve been both anticipating and dreading this appointment because I already am a vegetarian, I REALLY didn’t want to be TOLD I HAD to give up a whole bunch of other things and become one of those people it’s a pain in the ass to eat with, meat free can be complicated enough at times. And secretly I knew they were going to tell me I had to give up dairy. I LOVE CHEESE. I LOVE QUESO. I LOVE RANCH. I LOVE CREAMY JALAPENO. I already am on my second week of voluntarily giving it up because I can’t take the constant sinus pain and pressure even though I take daily antihistamines and do a daily nose spray. I can’t take not being able to swallow without feeling it in my ears. I can’t take feeling like I’m on an airplane or underwater ALL THE DAMN TIME.

And of course…

I am reactive to:
Gluten (but to a lower extent and is likely because of the wheat)

and these two aren’t great for me, I should cut them to at most once a week

and I should also totally give up peanuts because of my mold allergy.

The eggs peaked crazy high, like she’s shocked I couldn’t tell I shouldn’t be eating them. Goodbye deviled eggs, I loved you so hard.

There is an issue with yeast in my bloodstream from all the previous runs of antibiotics and steroids so I need to take some steps to cleanse for that.

She recommended The Virgin Diet as it cuts the 7 main allergens but in doing an admittedly quick search, it touts weight loss as its big selling point. I DON’T WANT TO LOSE ANYMORE WEIGHT. I have already lost weight since we got my hormones closer to my normal. I am back to my high school-ish pattern of eating ALL THE THINGS and losing weight. Weight loss is not a goal I have, period. So I don’t really think that book is for me.

Instead I’ll be seeking out more dairy free options. More protein options…something not soy or wheat? I’m going to get really tired of beans.

She says I won’t mind because I’ll be finally feeling better and just be happy but I AM DUBIOUS. Breakfast is easily my favorite meal. And BRUNCH? Oh brunch I loved you. I think I need to go drown my sorrows in a vegan cupcake.

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