So let’s talk yoga gear

I’m going to be spending A LOT of time in the yoga studio in the coming months, essentially living there, which means I needed to bulk up my wardrobe to avoid doing perpetual activewear laundry or stinking up the place.

Yesterday I went and plunked down a chunk of change at TJ Maxx and Old Navy on some pieces and today I asked Twitter what people did yoga in (if they did yoga) because I’m always curious about peoples’ preferences in workout wear. I am a sweaty monkey, like OCEANS OF DRIPPING GROSSNESS so I struggle with wanting to look cute and HIDE IT, OMG HIDE THE POOLS OF WATER.

I’m also not hugely big on color all over the place but I do admire the folks that show up at the studio rocking it. I’m not sure if the color thing is my discomfort with feeling like I’m too “on display” or feeling like it would distract me and wanting the calm. As such, I can’t really tell if I should push myself more in that area or not, so I did get myself to purchase two saturated tops but they still aren’t bright. That all said, I am wishing I bought some loud (to me) pants at Old Navy but would I have actually worn them? Who knows.

For $144 total (two stores together) here’s what I bought

From Old Navy (everything on clearance except the dolman top):
the back on this is the gray mesh that is peaking on the bottom corners

the attached bra on this one is the same pattern as the one above

ruching down each side

dolman sleeve top is great for throwing over a tank or wearing over a sports bra to restorative

From TJ Maxx

loose fit capris with pockets front and back

color block pants with mesh at the back of the knee, a zipper pocket on the back and the purple pattern fabric wraps around the top back

matching pattern to the sides of the purple top

So that’s all the new stuff I bought yesterday. Today I snagged this top on sale for $12 at REI

This all rounds out my existing yoga clothes which I’ll photo and post later. Mainly black pants or crops, with the exception of one colored pair, and dark tops. I need to get a couple more sports bras, a yoga towel because I am slipping all over my mat lately, and that’s it.

What’s in your yoga closet?

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