So Many Doctors

In the past few weeks I have been inundated with doctor appointments and tests. I have had medical issues for a long time now and have a running list of things that need to be addressed: gastroenterologist, ENT, hand specialist, OB/GYN and follow up with my primary care. So I had my OB/GYN for my well woman first because I figured it’d be an easy thing to knock out without a lot of additional drama or testing. I was wrong, of course I was, and so I got a bone scan added to my yearly mammogram. I also was treated to 8 vials of blood being drawn to work on sorting my hormones, a mouth swab to see how I metabolize medications, a test for RA and a test for sexually transmitted diseases (spoiler: I have none).

My mammogram came back clear, thankfully, but with the notation that I have “dense breast tissue” and my doctor might want to schedule me for additional testing as that can mask lumps. My doctor’s response “Dense breast tissue is good, it keeps things from sagging to our knees”. The drug metabolization test came back with A LOT of yellow notations which means I have many families of medications that affect my body in not a great way: if there is a side effect I’m likely to experience it or I need more or less of the recommended dose because of how I process. The hormone panel was atrocious which I expected. I have been on only estrogen since my hysterectomy in 2001. I have been dealing with insane night sweats and hot flashes, which have just progressively gotten worse. Of the four major hormones they look at I don’t even register with a number on 2 of them and the other two have a number so low as to put me in middle to low range of an 80 year old woman. Which brings me to my bone density scan. I DO have the body of an 80 year old woman! Osteoporosis with a high fracture risk in my spine (L1-L4) and osteopenia in my hips. Swell.

In my follow up appointment we discussed all my results and issues. I found out that I don’t have RA so my trigger finger is unrelated. We went over the best combination of hormones to try to get me back into normal to high ranges for my age. We also discussed all of my gastro issues and she recommended a full food allergy panel (why has no other doctor asked for this? we know I have at least one major food allergy, there are likely to be others) to try and help reduce inflammation in my body by eating the right foods. So another 12 vials of blood down and I’m waiting on those results now.

My trigger finger has flared up again. The first issue was in October of last year when I couldn’t even bend it. Now it just aches all the time and my range of motion is less. I went in for another injection but if this one doesn’t solve the problem our only other option is surgery. So far? It’s looking like I’ll get another surgery under my belt as the injection has only served to bruise my hand and my pain level is the same as before.

In my follow up with my primary care, I let him know about my osteo and he was shocked. He also told me I was too young for any of the osteo medications or treatments. I’m continuing weight bearing exercise like yoga and keeping up my calcium intake. We drew blood (ANOTHER VIAL, HAVE I ANY LEFT?) to check my vitamin B levels to see how that treatment is going. If my levels haven’t dropped drastically after moving the injections down to once a month, we’ll stick with that schedule.

Soon I’ll schedule an appointment with the gastro (I’d like my food allergy results first) and I probably will just wait on the ENT. I feel like there is no sense in having another sinus surgery when I am just going to continue to live in a place that I am allergic to and will barrage my face with more inflammation and scarring.

And hopefully I’ll start regular acupuncture for my migraines soon. I had a multiple day one this week that kept me out of yoga class. My hair is finally a little less hurty today so maybe it’s going to let go.

This body is a lemon. I demand a refund.

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