Our final day on Ambergris we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, wandered the beach for a while and then Moe ferried us back to San Pedro to drop us off at the water taxi dock. One woman said it was about a 45 minute boat ride to Caye Caulker but it was really just 25 minutes, so don’t listen to that lady.

Once you arrive there are golf cart taxis waiting to take you to your final destination, they cost $5.00BZ or $2.50US per person. Our hotel the Sea Dreams is located at the far north end of the island right by The Split (or The Cut as our taxi driver told us). The island is very skinny on this end which means you have sunrise and sunset views within steps of you and you also have water essentially on both sides.

I didn’t take many pictures of the Sea Dreams as we heard one of our 14 yr old dogs was holding a hunger strike (and had been for two days) pretty much as soon as we arrived and my mind got yanked out of vacation mode pretty dang quick with that information but let me tell you that Anna, one of the managers, was so caring and gracious and she just took care of everything for us once we decided that it was best for us to just go home a day early. I still can’t even believe how easy she made everything for us, it was so incredibly helpful.

We stayed in The Orchid which gives you your own private porch with chairs and hammocks, a table and chairs inside, a kitchenette which is stocked with Belikin and sodas (and for a totally CHEAP price, half the cost of these items on Ambergris) and coffee with a coffee pot. You can sort of see it in this photo I took one morning at breakfast
The thatched roof is the Orchid and the hammock is on our porch there.

The breakfast at Sea Dreams is a full breakfast, unlike the continental we had at the Portofino
it varies day by day but both the items we had (pancakes the first morning and this the second) were very tasty.

Another way that Anna is just the best? They had some issue with the bartender the first night we were there and the bar was closed. Anna felt so bad that it happened on our first night she arranged for us to get these fresh coconuts and put rum in them for us. So kind!

The view and the swimming right off their dock is pretty amazing. The water is chest high in some places and nice and cool. Plus it’s sandy at the bottom close to the dock instead of filled with sea grass, so it’s really nice to tip toe around and not have to wear water shoes.
This ray was spotted as we were sitting on the dock talking to some folks, he just went right by.

And this fish is from our first day when we went swimming for a few hours.

The island itself is just the tiniest beach town you’ll ever see
with colorful buildings, BBQ pits right out on the beach and people in some manner of bathing suits wandering around at any given point. The Split has a long concrete wall and when we arrived it was draped with bodies, it was pretty much always draped with bodies…except when I walked over there to watch the sunrise.
apparently vacationing backpackers don’t get up that early ;-)

I would love to have a lot of food recommendations for you but because of my stupid shellfish allergy, I wasn’t as freely able to eat as I would’ve liked (next time maybe I won’t forget my freaking epi pen, sigh). We did totally love this little place right by the hotel called Aladdin’s (high TripAdvisor rating too, the owner made sure to suggest we get on there and give us his feedback, he was such a cute dude) that Anna recommended for the hummus but really you want to go there for the babaganoush. It’s the best I’ve ever tasted. They roast the eggplant first and MAN, SO GREAT! Plus we had a nice conversation with the owner and the music was old school rock, which you know we loved.
and we tried to go to the pasta place that was recommended to us by some folks on our snorkel trip but it’s closed on Friday nights (major bummer). Willy loved the food at Habanero’s, like seriously loved the food and I can attest that the key lime pie is very good.

Jennie had told me how small the Tropic Air operation is on Caye Caulker and OMG, it’s just so hilarious.
One lone runway, a dirt walkway to get to the plane (which is filled with people y’all, we had to essentially crawl over people to get to the three open seats on the plane going back to Belize) and she called us to board once when there was no plane to even get into, HILARIOUS.

But again, going this way? BEST VIEWS EVER.

Tomorrow? We swim with SHARKS!

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I love how relaxed and happy you look in these pics.

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