Belize vacation posts: Getting There

Luckily for us, the jaunt down to Belize is a quick one. It’s just over two hours and so not a big deal at all. In fact, the quick flight time is making it hard not to just to fly there again this weekend. The thing is, the flight gets you into Belize City and that’s not where you want to stay or at least that’s not where we wanted to stay. When you fly in you are treated to these views



and I don’t know about you, but the color of that water? It made us ready to be on the beach as soon as we landed (that’s not to say that there isn’t waterfront properties on the mainland, because there is, we just wanted the islands) and in order to make that happen you have two choices: the water taxi or taking another plane. To get to the first of our two chosen islands for this trip it takes about 1.5 hours by water taxi. So not happening. Instead, we opted for the 15 minute flight on a puddle jumper. You have two choices here Tropic Air or Maya Island Air. We went with Tropic Air, for no specific reason really, other than it is what Jennie took and I like going with what I have at least heard of before when I’m in a place I have never been.

Here’s our plane. These planes are TINY on the inside and you have to essentially commando crawl your way to your seat. Willy and I sat right behind the pilot. This was my view
Which might freak some people out but I thought it was kinda cool, personally. The views out the window? FANTASTIC

Our hotel arranged for airport transfer so that boils down to this: a taxi picked us up and drove us like 5 blocks to the boat dock where Mo our driver was waiting for us and ferried us the 6 miles to the hotel.
(this is called pure joy, face tipped up to the sun, drinking in the sea breeze)

This is your first view of the resort as the boat pulls in

Tomorrow: Where we stayed

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