My yoga journey continues

I still love my yoga studio. I still love going to restorative yoga. I enjoyed my beginner workshop and I’m sad it’s over. What I REALLY LOVE however? Chakra Yoga + meditation. I look forward to this class EVERY WEEK. It honestly gets me through every single week and it sounds completely twee but I feel different, better inside, since taking this class.

If you had asked me after the first class if I loved it, my answer would’ve not been so glowing. That first class was so hard. SO HARD. Holding a forward bend in yin was impossible for me. I was overcome with the feeling of falling and my muscles just essentially couldn’t let go enough to allow the posture to settle into my bones. My previous injuries and misalignments have lead to weak muscles and overcompensating muscles just to keep me going. My instructor and I had a long talk after class where I explained what was going on and she really listened and understood. She also added brought up what trauma does to our bodies and how that sort of thing plays out in the future with a deep yin practice. I asked if she felt I could do this and she seemed shocked I would think I couldn’t, even with what I felt was a dismal showing in the very first posture of class.

So I went the next week and the week after and so on. We’ve moved from Root Chakra to Sacral Chakra to Solar Plexus Chakra to Heart and here is where I am going to pause a moment. Each Chakra comes with an explanation of the Chakra and how it correlates to what goes on in our bodies and minds. To do the work required to unlock any blockage and get that wheel (they are wheels of energy) flowing, open and in alignment with all the others, you have to understand what you are holding there. So when Heart Chakra happened to fall right after the stuff that is in the protected posts? Well I was crying in class. Specifically when we did this mudra

Courthouse Butte with bonus yoga mudra

The left hand indicates forgiveness and the right dispelling fear and hello waterworks. My instructor was looking straight at me when I started to cry and she had us close our eyes and spoke some very meaningful words about fear and focusing our breath into that hand, holding it strong in spite of the tremble we could surely feel, keeping it pressing open with intention. It was so great, SHE is so great.

Thursday night was Throat Chakra after a missed week (class was cancelled for a week for some reason) and I brought my instructor a rock from Sedona. I worried she might think it was lame but I have a rock from Sedona right on my computer desk here and when we were hiking I was moved to grab one for her. I also brought the photo above with me to show her that I did the mudra in a spiritual place, that it resonated so deeply with me. I wasn’t sure I was going to show her but I had it just in case. When I handed her the rock she was so surprised and touched that I explained I did the mudra and I had my husband take a photo for me and that I brought it too. She then flipped out over the photo so much that I gave it to her and she had me sign the back. My other instructor was there (the one who teaches restorative) and they went on and on about reaching someone and how great that was. It was after that she told me she’s from Arizona. Y’ALL COME ON.

Could it BE any more perfect than that?

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