7 quick takes: purchases, yoginis and car woes

A’Dell does these regularly and I thought it might be a good way to just toss some things down and get them out there.

1. My Nutribullet is still going strong. I drink a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I have even made one on a day when I had brunch plans with friends and just had something smaller to eat when meeting up with them. I haven’t quite figured out how I will deal with being away from home, I guess Jamba Juice or Smoothie King. I pretty much make a different one every day and rarely stick to a recipe (even though I was so excited to have two different recipe books with my set) I like trying new flavors and combinations and finding out what works for us. So far I have learned that avocado is a total no go for me and that tangerine is a total no go for Willy. Neither of us likes a full berry smoothie. I also prefer alternating green smoothies with other veg smoothies (like carrot) and I alternate my greens so my body gets different nutrients.

2. I am working on getting rid of any cheap or uncomfortable shoes in my wardrobe and replacing them with nicer, well made, comfortable shoes. I recently purchased another pair of Clarks (on sale and as part of a buy one get one a % off deal, my husband bought some new shoes) and Jennie was clearing out her closet so I snagged a pair of coral heels from her.

3. We recently also upgraded our dining room chairs from some cheapie pine Ikea chairs (that were breaking) to some fancy cushioned chairs from World Market. I got three of them 50% off because a store location was closing and liquidating their merchandise and the 4th 35% off during a furniture sale.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.07.40 AM

4. I decided to try getting back into some sort of exercise and thought that yoga might be the best fit for me. In my area, the options for true studios are sadly lacking but there was a warm/hot studio offering an intro class and I jumped on it. Of course this meant a whole lot of fretting about yoga clothes (pants specifically, NO SEE THROUGH NO CAMEL TOE) mat, towel, etc. I have identified this lovely part of my personality where whenever I am nervous about a situation I want all of my externals to be just so: the right clothes, the right equipment. It’s like having the right backpack and pencil case in grade school (which I never had btw and even worse than that but that’s a different story) so you don’t have a reason to be picked on? Yeah. Good times. I was also really worried about sweating as profusely as I do (hey hot flashes, you suck) in a hot room and slipping, what I should have been worried about is the fact that my collarbone and back rib dislocation issues have rendered me completely without upper body strength or range of motion. In certain poses my shoulders just lock and I am totally fucked. I can’t lower myself to the mat and at one point I actually just fell onto my stomach. Not a huge deal (not like it was a long fall) but definitely a pain and not one I was prepared for. I was aware enough that it might be an issue that I let the instructor know I’d be weak, I just had no idea that it just wouldn’t happen at all. Fortunately there were only two of us in class, unfortunately it seems this studio is a lot over my head and when the instructor was trying to suggest classes for me to try, she struggled. They, from what I gather, seem very power yoga focused and while she said I totally should come to whatever I want and modify at will, it was pretty obvious that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with how their classes flow. The experience was pretty confusing for me. I could do pigeon and warrior and any pose that had to do with hips or legs without issue (except hamstrings, hello you tight little bastards) but upper body was a wreck. I could handle the heat far better than I expected and yet overall I was just wrong. I was more than a little let down. I had planned in my head that this was going to be a niche I could slot myself into. I don’t have mountains to hike here (my #1 exercise love) and I need to do something. I debated trying the free yoga class that Lulu offers on Sundays but was really unsure about it. Natalie encouraged me to try on twitter and then Sarah texted me with an offer to chat about everything. We had a very long conversation and I showed her another studio I was considering that offered a restorative class. It is much farther for me to drive but the website was nice (we both choose businesses this way) and calm. With her encouragement & discussion, my husband’s encouragement and some more hemming and hawing I finally decided to go for it and took the class there. It was AMAZING. Worlds different than the first place. Even though they both are in a strip center and the second place is in a much more sketch area of town it was so much nicer inside. Calm, spa like.

I am so glad I tried again. My plan now is to try out two more classes (I bought a 3 for $20 with them) and then probably sign up for their 4 week beginner workshop. I likely will take the restorative every sunday regardless because it was just good for my soul.

5. So, what did I buy for yoga? I bought Old Navy cross front yoga capris in black, C9 by Champion cami tank in black (which is great if you are less well endowed in the breasticle region), Zulu Atlas Beverage Bottle in Pink (which I love because it’s glass, dishwasher safe and you can lock the lid), The Mat in a turquoise color which isn’t listed online, The (Small) Towel in fossil, Bang Buster in black and a carrying strap by Gaiam in a light turquoise which I can also use as a stretching strap in class. I also bought an additional sports bra and tank and will grab another pair of yoga pants while they are on sale (probably another of the top I linked while they are on clearance as well. It’s nice to only have to pull on one piece)

6. We have taken to calling Sprog and the BFF (who shall henceforth be called Bubbles on this site) the hoopty patrol as their cars are perpetually breaking down. One or the other is ALWAYS without a car and sometimes (more often than not lately) it’s both. At this point it would seem that Sprog’s transmission is on a downward spiral from whence there is no return and we are going to have to help him get a real car with a car payment. We didn’t want to do this as we didn’t want him to feel locked into working and had hoped he would return to school but either way he’s going to need something reliable because otherwise WE are tied to being here waiting to go rescue them from wherever they get stranded next time. WE feel like WE can’t go out of town or do fun things because they need to be ferried to job or school. NOT COOL. So, discussions are happening, decisions are having to be made and yo, it sucks.

7. Some weird health stuff is going on still/again/forever…but we’ve been dealing with crisis of car and Sprog mode around here so soon I’ll be making appointments and looking to get some answers. I guess we’ll see.

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