After the hospital stay and follow-up with my doctor, I have started B12 shots every two weeks. I also decided that maybe I needed to try and do something different in the kitchen to get some more nutrients in my (still wonky) system. I wait up late for Sprog, every week, and one of these occasions lead me to catching an infomercial about The Nutribullet.

I had been considering a juicer but the fact of the matter is that I don’t like juice. I have never been a person that sits down with their morning OJ. If it’s not water or tea it’s got to have alcohol in it for me to drink it. It’s got to have STUFF. Otherwise, it gets overly saccharine tasting after like two sips and I hate the after taste it leaves behind and V8? That shit has an entire salt lick in it, even the low sodium versions (which is fine because EWW).

I’ve also done smoothies before but here we end up with my apparently weird drinking thing, too thick. I’m like the Goldilocks of beverages. The overly enthusiastic dude was spewing his spiel but I was watching the concoctions. I noticed they were made with water. I saw the consistency when slid across the counter to the “audience” or poured into a glass and they looked thin…but not juice thin. Hmm.

I asked on twitter if anyone had thoughts and one person responded with positive feedback.

I looked up prices.

Costco (ALWAYS. I LOVE YOU COSTCO) had a 14 piece kit for $99 online but it was pointed out on twitter that Bed, Bath and Beyond probably had a 20% off to use. Which is a valid point and BB&B had the same price but a smaller package because not only was it 14 piece vs 12 but the 14 piece didn’t count an additional cookbook. So we decided to head to Costco and take a look in person and what do you know, our store had it for $89.94 plus we get money back on our Costco Amex. Sold.

I have had a smoothie for breakfast everyday since, plus a Night Cap smoothie before bed the night we got it.

This is the first breakfast smoothie I made. It was a bit more green than I was ready for but I think that’s because I added arugula. I’ve had baby kale in them almost every day since and it hasn’t been as noticeable as this day.
Spinach, kale, arugula, cara cara orange, pineapple, mango, date, lemon, milled flax, raw honey, ginger and almond milk

Kale, blackberries, raspberries, cara cara orange, lemon Noosa yogurt, milled flax and vanilla rose almond water

Pumpkin puree, carrot, banana, half a cara cara orange, chai concentrate, ginger, vanilla extract, nutmeg, cinnamon, cashews, pumpkin seeds, ice and a splash of almond milk

Frozen blueberries, baby kale, blueberry Noosa yogurt, half a cara cara orange, milled flax, chia seeds, vanilla rose almond water and almond milk

I make the breakfast smoothies in the large cup which leaves some leftover for Willy to have as a snack when he gets home from work. It’s easy, fast and not a huge pain in the butt to clean. I like varying them every day to change up nutrients and adding the yogurt helps keep good bacteria in my gut. I also like that it doesn’t take up huge amounts of counter space.

Hopefully the GI specialist will agree with the choice because I’ve been really happy with the addition to my diet.

Ideally I’d get Sprog on board with drinking them because I could add some protein powders (he desperately wants to gain weight) and get some good nutrition into that kid, he eats horribly.

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6 Responses to “A purchase for my health”

A'Dell Says:

Oh I can’t stand a thick smoothie either. I want to drink it, relatively quickly, and be DONE. I do not have time to be working my way through a glass of stuff.

I bought a blender last summer and I was doing SO WELL with the smoothie thing in the morning and I was feeling better and my pants were looser (!) and then I just COULD NOT DRINK ANY MORE THICK SMOOTHIE CRAP. I was so burned out.

I need to try some of your recipes, they look DELISH.

Sarah Anne Says:

Thank you soich for talking about this thing! I am sold and am on the hunt for one! My magic bullet has been great, but…it is time for a new, bigger gunned blender!

K Says:

I like milkshakes, but I do not like fruit smoothies. I do, however, rather like juice.

I need to buy bacon at Costco this weekend–I think I might see if ours also carries the Nutribullet. It would be good for the kids and me and T.

Thanks for the tip!

april Says:

I can’t stand juice. We have a juicer but I can’t stand that either – and green juice makes me hork.

However, I have a cheapo single person blender that I make my smoothies in and it’s delightful. I have a good system that gives me the perfect kale smoothies and I’ve had them the last 5 breakfasts. The kids like them too, which helps get them something green in their pb&j filled bellies.

Erica Says:

All of these look amazing but I do have to be the lone voice defending V8. Mmmm, salt licky goodness.

Blondie Says:

Yeah we can trade smoothie recipes. I got a new blender at Christmas and we have been doing green smoothies every morning for breakfast, and I take the leftovers for lunch. It’s so much fun. I add egg protein powder and a couple other things to ours and both of us I love the taste of them. Never taste the spinach or kale but it is an odd color

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