especially around the holidays but I can’t seem to get my head round them properly to put them out there…here. What I really need, I suspect, is some good couch and coffee time with a girlfriend to flesh that out, but well, friend dynamics…so.

Enjoy my year in photos because too much bad shit happened for me to do the actual wordy version others are doing.

It takes one minute and covers trips to Fredericksburg, Austin, Kerrville, London, Wales, Dublin, San Jose, doctors, hospitals…

Features our dogs after their surgeries, family, friends, new car, old car…

Sprog life events like graduation, turning 18, first time in first class and using his passport…

Two of three quote alongs, two of three costumes for the year

See it here

Song, appropriately, “Hell of a Season” by the Black Keys


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4 Responses to “I have thoughts on family and friend dynamics”

Sarah Anne Says:

Here is to a way better 2014!

Julie Says:

You deserve the best 2014. The BEST.

My couch is always open and my coffee pot is always on.

Jess Says:

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014!

K Says:

I’d love to know your thoughts on friend and family dynamics.

I’m sorry 2013 was such a poo-poo platter year.

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