Woohoo! It’s almost time for me to turn another year older which means it’s time for another scarf swap! Unlike last year, it’s actually COLD this year so I’m really in the spirit for some cozy scarves. Here is last year’s post but essentially it’s the same deal every year:

You Don’t Have To Be A Blogger To Participate
You Can E-Mail (e-mail address located under contact me), Tweet Or Comment On This Post To Sign Up
You MUST Provide Me With An E-Mail Address To Assign Your Match/Allow Correspondence Between You

Sign-ups are open from now until Friday Jan 3rd (to compensate for holidays and people on vacation)
Matches will be sent Saturday Jan 4th
Scarves should be sent no later than Saturday Jan 18th

The shipping date is a guideline, sooner is obvs fine. If you need more time, make sure that your match is aware; I just don’t want anyone feeling like they’ve been forgotten.

If you have any allergies to fabrics or strong style/color preferences please note them in your comment or e-mail to me and I’ll make sure they are included in your match e-mail.

We have a flickr pool if you’d like to share photos of your cute new scarves or feel free to send me any links to posts and I’ll share them.

Here is my post from last year with the scarf I received from the lovely Miranda!

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13 Responses to “Scarf Swap Time Again!”

Hillary Says:

I’m in! Thanks for organizing.

Kristabella Says:

I’m in! I love the scarf swap!

Tara Says:

Yes! I am in. I’m so excited!

Emiliy M Says:

I’m in! My favorite part of the new year!

Michelle Says:

I’m in! I’ve already been checking out some great scarves!

Donna Says:

I am in! First time ever!

Laura Says:

I’m not a blogger but I would love to do this!!

Sarah Anne Says:

I am so in! Yes please! I loooove me some scarves!

Retta Says:

I’m in! Glad I didn’t miss the sign up this year.

kakaty Says:

I signed up via twitter but not sure if you have my right email address so now you do

Curly Girl Says:

I’m in! This is so exciting!

(I’m @curlycardigirl on twitter, FYI)

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