Playing Fashion Blogger With The Help of eShakti

**I was provided an article of clothing of my choosing to review for this post. My thoughts are always my own**

I am no stranger to eShakti and if you have been around my blog for any length of time, you shouldn’t be either. I have partnered with them before on this red and blue dress and this blue and white dress.

I also wore a dress of theirs, snatched on clearance, to see Wicked with my husband.
Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 3.53.27 PM

I always receive a ton of positive feedback on every eShakti item I own and I absolutely love that I can have them custom fit to my exact measurements or tailored to look the way I’d like: adding longer sleeves or shorter sleeves, changing the neckline, removing embroidery, etc. So when they asked me to partner again for their Fall/Winter line I obviously said yes. My main issue was deciding on what to get. I put this question out to the Twitterverse: “If you received something for free would you choose something out of your price range but in your comfort zone or closer to your price range but in your comfort zone?” Resoundingly the answer was the former as most people felt that they just wouldn’t wear something out of their comfort zone but I went the other way because the item that held my attention the most? Something definitely out of my comfort zone. I just couldn’t get it out of my head and I figured I may as well go for it, no harm, no foul, right? I figured that tailoring it to my specific measurements and preferences might make it more likely to get worn.

This is what I chose*


That’s an embroidered deer pencil skirt with flowers in its antlers and I am OBSESSED with it. It’s tailored to my measurements and I had it lengthened to below the knee to amp the retro vibe.








*unfortunately it’s out of stock at the time of this post but if you love it like I do, check back because I so recommend it. If it’s not your bag, that’s cool. eShakti posted a thing on their Facebook page asking people how they would style it and some people said some not nice things about the skirt and well, different strokes for different folks because it makes me HAPPY. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I don’t intend on it being just a holiday skirt either. It’s a nice heavy fabric that stands up to the embroidery and since the flowers are not traditional holiday colors, I think I can get more mileage out of it with different styling choices. The skirt is lined which removes the need for an additional layer. Plus the placement of the seaming nips, tucks, and elongates in all the right places.

eShakti is giving me two $30 gift cards to giveaway, so I’ll be posting details of that very soon.

And of course, I highly recommend you take a gander at their website in the meantime, you could find something that makes you happy too!

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