I’ve been trying to do better about menu planning and not hating dinner time so much. I still mostly hate dinner but sometimes, at least, I have a plan and that makes things easier. Sometimes.

So here’s what I’ve been eating lately.
Black bean and cheese layered enchiladas (made the sauce from scratch using tomato paste because I was out of tomatoes and tomato sauce)

Roasted acorn squash, carrots, peas and homemade tahini dressing over buckwheat noodles

Black bean and almond soup from Martha Stewart Living (not my photo) subbed spicy chile lime mixed nuts for the almonds

Caramelized Napa cabbage over egg noodles topped with sour cream and cheese

Frito Pie with veg chili

Rendang shallot and asparagus curry

Tofu lettuce wraps with asian peanut butter sauce

Spaghetti with vodka sauce

Moroccan spaghetti squash

And of course the usual stuff like lasagna or Brinner.

I started a FB group for vegetarians to help share ideas, products and meal lists. I really love it so far and hope that it continues in the future.

Tonight I am most likely going to throw some stuff at a pot and hope it works. I am trying to clear out the fridge and pantry before payday when I get to go shopping again. Also, tomorrow is Halloween and we’ll be out (even in the stupid horrible weather we are supposed to have) and Friday I am heading out of town for the weekend. I’m sure the boys will be in fast food meat nirvana with me not around

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K Says:

It all looks SO TASTY!

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