when did I become someone that researches beer?

I have never been a person that could drink beer, anytime I tried it resulted in a migraine and I pretty much always hated the taste anyway. Same goes for wine. I’ve been lucky with a few ciders but the other night we were at Alamo Drafthouse and the only cider they had avail was Ace Pear (gross) so I decided to try a stout beer. I can drink Guinness, usually, so I thought I might have luck with something in that vein.

They had Left Hand Milk Stout on tap (and another that I totally didn’t like-Willy drank it)


and I LOVED IT. So we bought it for the house in the nitro bottle


figuring that would be the closest to what came from the tap. Sadly I didn’t love it. The nitro perfectly mimicked the creaminess of the draft version but totally killed the flavor I loved so much. The regular milk stout was more carbonated, which I’m not a fan of but I could get more of the flavors I enjoy: coconut, coffee and chocolate.

Having found a beer I like and can drink, I was excited to get to Mellow Mushroom for pizza and beer and THEY WERE OUT, they were also out of the coconut one I wanted to try. *sad panda* So the waitress recommended Southern Star Buried Hatchet


but I also ordered an oatmeal stout (don’t remember the brand because I hated it) so Willy took that bullet for me and gave me the Buried Hatchet. LOVE IT. It’s like creamy, malty, alcoholic coffee.

Yesterday we brought some home and we also bought a bottle of the Young’s Double Chocolate for me to try.


guess what? Hate that too. Like had a visceral shuddery response to it.

SO. What have we learned? I don’t like ANY hop taste at all. I want all barley and malt. Basically I am a fan of beer that is almost scotch or whisky. (what a surprise)

Also, no bitter please. A dreadlocked pizza runner recommended some vanilla ice cream in the buried hatchet and NO. All that did was bring out the bitterness in the beer, which alone? You barely get. No thank you. It might work with some dark chocolate ice cream, maybe.

We have also learned that Willy is far more okay with hops than I am and now that I can actually drink dark beer? I don’t just have to look for brew tours where the brewery makes root beer.

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