Flip Flop Swap: late but still good? **UPDATE**

I’ve had a couple of people ask me if they missed the flip flop swap this year and, no, it just didn’t happen. Sprog’s graduation and impending college (even though community college or junior college or whatever) has taken over pretty much everything. Add the dog stroke and emergency spleen removal and well…waysides, you know?

But. I’ve also been asked if it could still happen because it’s currently balls hot in a great portion of the land and may well be that way for the foreseeable future. I tried a mini poll on twitter last night but that’s not always the best way, so possibly anemic participation or no, a swap there shall be.

Here is an informational post from a past year about how things go. Sign-ups start today and end Sunday midnight end MONDAY MIDNIGHT. I’ll assign matches by Tuesday morning and then we’ll have 10 days of shopping before flip flops or sandals need to be sent out. As always this is supposed to be fun so if you need more time, no big, just let your swap partner know.

You can sign up by commenting on this post, twitter, e-mail etc. To assign matches, I just need a viable e-mail address so that you and your match can exchange shipping address, shoe sizes, preferred colors and any other important info.

Yay shoes!

NOTE: Due to an impromptu trip out of town, sign-ups have now been extended to MONDAY night at midnight.

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