The last set of “formal” thank you notes are in the mailbox as of today so that means I can get this posted, finally.

Getting a teenage boy to write a bunch of individual thank yous was a bit of a struggle (as in I had to stretch them out over the course of many days and drag him out to the table to get them done) but he wrote them all himself and I am proud of him for doing it.

But of course we had to thank the rest of the very important folks in his life (there is some overlap so some of you have already seen this or will be seeing this soon) and that means he has a message for y’all:


“Dear Minions-

Thank you for following me all these years and making me feel important. I love my fans, because y’all are awesome, and will never forget you.


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2 Responses to “Sprog thanks the “Internet Aunties””

Tara Says:

Oh, Sprog. What a precious boy you have there. He’s going to continue to do great things, Jess. Well done.

Jesabes Says:

I need to teach my kids about internet aunties. Right now they just think mommy is on the computer too much:)

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