Vegetarian Cottage Pie That Even Meat Eaters Will Nosh

Sunday was St. Pat’s and even though I wasn’t going all out in the cooking dept like years past, I still had to at least make Cottage Pie (it’s only called Shepherd’s Pie if it contains lamb) and since I wanted to eat it too, I made it vegetarian.


Now, Sprog isn’t huge on veg cuisine but he does like Field Roast and will actually eat it on the regular without complaint so obviously that was my go-to for the “meat” portion of the dish. Normally I would use the Apple Sage version and since I thought I had some, I didn’t grab any when I went to Midtown for my weekly hippie shopping run but alas I only had Italian or Mexican. Obvs, I went with the Italian and was slightly concerned what it would do with the end result of the dish, but I am not one to be easily deterred in the kitchen. I already had a plan to add some “smoky” elements to the dish to make it more substantial and “meaty” for the boys, so I figured whatever I did there would just help mask the italian seasonings or at the very least tie them in a bit. I also was going to use a frozen vegetable medley that comes with a parmesan butter which would also help tie things together…in theory.

So let’s talk trickery and fooling the meat eaters, k?

Step 1:
Field Roast. Unwrap three links for this recipe and pulse them in the food processor so that they resemble ground beef when it gets crumbly and browned in a pan. Now brown it up in some olive oil.

Step 2:
Liquid Aminos: I got the kind in a spray bottle so I just sprayed 3 or 4 times as I was browning up the meat to replace any Worcestershire sauce. (you can go more or less depending on your preference)

Step 3:
Guinness: While not vegan (processed with the swim bladders of fish) there isn’t a trace left in the finished product so it depends on your strictness. Definitely adds a lovely richness to the finished product

Step 4:
Smoked Paprika: I LOVE this stuff. Like serious addicted levels of love and it’s fantastic added to the mashed potatoes on top. I also split the potatoes-2 reg and 2 sweet to add some extra veg into Sprog’s horrible teenager diet.

Step 5:
Add some heat: I added cayenne pepper to the “meat” mixture as well as black pepper and it really helps! No bland foods!

After we finished Willy looked at me with a bit of shock on his face when he realized we all ate from the same dish and it wasn’t actually meat. I LOVE THAT.

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