I’ve always been a person that thrived with routine. I don’t know if it’s the Capricorn in me coming out or what, but somehow in the midst of the artistic chaos that is the rest of me, the floor is always based on some sort of routine. I always wake up the same time every day (unless I’m sick) usually even without aid of an alarm clock. I typically stick with a rotation of foods for breakfasts and lunches and try to take my vast numbers of supplements and medications at the same time and in the same manner. I also have certain days for certain chores which includes shopping days.

Wake: 6:30 am (I am currently in sinus hell-worse than normal-so I may or may not get out of bed when I wake up)
Nose spray
Dog walk on the bayou
Feed dogs
Make breakfast

-avocado and orange
-berries and almond yogurt
-sweet potato and egg
Take pills
-Vitamin D
-Vitamin B
-Flax Oil
Mid Morning
-Oregano Oil
-leftovers from dinner
-whatever else I can rustle up in the kitchen
Take More Pills
-Vitamin D
-Mucinex D (depending on how bad the sinus is)
-Piece of fruit or almonds for snack
-cook at home at least 5 days a week (one night vegetarian-everyone eats it)
-Eucalyptus steam for the faceholes
Take More Pills
-Other hormones

Do y’all have a daily, weekly, monthly routine?

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