team dots: wedding fashion

I’m still working on building my perfect wardrobe and as such was unsure what I would be wearing to the wedding. I had been contacted by eShakti to check out their new Spring line, so I assumed I would wear the dress I selected from them (more on that tomorrow) but as the wedding drew closer I wasn’t positive it would arrive in time so I needed something else and preferably something from my own closet. I tried on several things (and added new things to my donate pile in the process) and settled on this

Team Dots:Wedding attire
Old Navy dress that Willy had given me for Valentine’s Day last year. I paired it with my Miz Mooz Petra sandals and decided I would seek out a patterned clutch to tie everything together. (the other dress did end up arriving in time but it was COLD the day of the wedding and it totally wouldn’t work for that)

I tried Target and Kohl’s with no success (although I did almost buy a yellow wristlet at Kohl’s but it was solid and I really wanted a pattern) before asking Twitter for suggestions and that’s when Emiliy suggested DSW and there, online, I feel in love with this
Poppie Jones chevron clutch. I know Chevron is like so two minutes ago but I still love it and am obsessed with this clutch, the fact that I got it 40% off in the store? EVEN BETTER.

I also decided to be very fancy and paint my fingernails which is something I very rarely do. Color is Chinchilla from Essie.

I don’t have one full length picture of us all done up but here’s a quick snap I took
documenting the fact that Willy forgot his favorite Kenneth Cole boots in Houston and was forced to wear the Chucks he had, given the laid back vibe of the whole wedding, it actually worked but he really loves those boots.

And here’s one of us on the way to the ceremony in the car
Off to the wedding

I’m sort of hunched over in this pic because I am tall, but anyway, you can barely make out a brown sweater looking thing in the corner? I brought a brown sweater shawl thing at the last minute and I am so glad I did. It was WAY COLD.

And finally-this doesn’t have anything to do with wedding fashion but it’s fashion and Fredericksburg related so it works-I brought home a souvenir from the weekend. I pretty much never get souvenirs when we travel (other than postcards) but I saw this dress in a store as we walked down Main St. and pretty much wasn’t leaving town without it, so…
I posted this teaser pic on Instagram but here is a quick shot of the whole thing

New love
I’m crazy about this dress and it’s probably a way crazy dress but I don’t care. Root Boutique is like my dream store. If I ever come into large sums of money? I will buy all my clothes and jewelry there. ALL of it.

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