have wedding will travel

Over the weekend we traveled to Fredericksburg, Tx to celebrate the wedding of friends David and Lauren.

I’ve never been to Fredericksburg and I’m not sure that 24 hours with a wedding in the middle of it really qualifies as having *been* there but whatever, I take what I can get when it comes to pinning locations on my travel maps. I definitely will be back (and hopefully soon) as it was very cute and I feel like there is a lot left for me to discover (obvs).

I am not a big road trip girl. My ass gets tired, I get somewhat car sick, headachy or flat need a nap. New Orleans is about my limit of driving distance but shorter trips I tend to do okay with…although I will say that four hours on back to back days and the second day being slightly longer owing to a detour, being pulled over and traffic? Over my limit as well, by the end I couldn’t shift enough in my seat and standing on my driveway was THE BEST THING EVER.

Road trip snacks
I am a fan of a well packed selection of snacks. We also each left the house with coffee and water vessels.

After 20 years I am starting to really appreciate the big blue skies here (I miss mountains on the regular though)

Pecan St Brewing, Johnson City
In Johnson City, I spotted this Brew Pub out of the corner of my eye so we flipped a bitch (a u-turn for non-Arizona folk) and stopped in for lunch. Way cute, good food, but be prepared for slow country service, our waitress “totally forgot to put your food in”. I would definitely go back again if I didn’t have some place I had to be at a certain time.

Wedding tree
The wedding was held at Becker Vineyards (there are a crap ton of vineyards in Fredericksburg apparently) and it was gorgeous.

They were gorgeous

Laughter and love
filled with laughter and love

Cute cake is cute
and every detail was totally them, love.

We don't even look drunk. Pwned the drinking
After the wedding we went out on the town and ended up closing the bar down. I am amazed I look so sober in this pic.

Patio lunch before cutting out of town
We returned to the same place for lunch with everyone before cutting out of town

Bread pudding with a sauce made of sex, I'm certain.
Best believe I killed this entire thing by myself (the one bite Willy had to taste it totes doesn’t count) in under 5 minutes.

All the darling, right here.
We wandered town a bit, checked out the historical sites, hit up the candy store and a clothing store (will post more on that tomorrow) too.

Nat’s husband Casey recommended we take a slight detour and do the Willow City Loop if we had the chance. We made the chance.

Willow City Loop
Worth it.

Sunset, reflected
Sunsets at our back on the way home made for some great views

So pretty

Tomorrow I’ll show y’all what we wore and talk a little bit more about Fredericksburg.

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