I am a huge fan of Costco, any one that knows me knows this, but I do still price compare and not everything is a good deal just because it’s in bulk. Of course, there are other things that are fantastic deals and I will only buy them at Costco forever and ever (or until they no longer carry them and then I will be VERY UPSET, whichever)

Carrington Farms Organic Coconut Oil $15.99 for 54 oz. This is A GREAT DEAL. Seriously. I use this oil so much now that I need to go back and get another couple tubs and just keep it in reserve. It’s good for so many things, in the kitchen, and has forever replaced my favorite shaving cream. I even put it on a scratch that would not stop burning so I could get some sleep last night and it helped. It’s like the hippie answer to windex.

EOS lip balm pack $10.99. The individual balms run anywhere from $2.99 to $3.79 depending on where you buy them so getting 5 at this price? Good deal! Plus, my target tends to only have one variety avail at a time (usually the Strawberry) so I’d have to go multiple places/pay more in order to get a different flavor.

Donut House K-cups. We drink coffee. We love coffee. I know the Kirkland brand K-cups are even cheaper than the $34.99 we pay for these but I like this more and that’s still $13 cheaper than the Amazon price and $3 cheaper than the Sam’s price, so I don’t really care.

I take a lot of medication. A LOT. I’m not going to search out pics of all the various meds we buy at Costco but here’s one
I take a probiotic every day. I get a two month supply for a little more than a one month supply costs at most stores.

We also buy generic Benedryl, generic ibuprofen, generic acetaminophen, vitamins and my Allegra here.

I usually use King Arthur Flour and have for many years but I finally bit the bullet and bought the Central Milling Company Organic bulk flour this time, I’ve been baking a lot of banana and no knead bread and I’d like to start making my own pizza crust and rolls as well so I figure not having to run out for flour will make me more apt to do so. I always have yeast in my fridge ready to go. So far, I really like the flour. It’s unbleached and doesn’t have anything added but has a good texture and baking with it has gone well.

When I run out of the yeast I currently have, I’ll be buying bulk yeast there as well.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Huge container from Italy, Spain and Portugal.

**I am just now reading the whole “olive oil scandal” as pointed out to me by A’Dell in the comments below and am blown away. Cutting Olive Oil with PEANUT OIL is a scary and dangerous practice for people with allergies and I can’t believe this shit is going on. It seems there is no good way to know if your oil is authentic unless you are buying it direct from a farm or getting it tested at a lab. I am honestly debating taking back the bottle I just bought and ordering some from a farm in Arizona. Interesting.**

There are other things that vary based on coupons, seasons, availability and of course meats (which I don’t buy as often, now) but those are the things that jumped into my head this morning.

Do you shop at Costco? What are your favorite bargains?

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5 Responses to “The best bargains at Costco, IMO”

A'Dell Says:

Dude, I could talk Costco ALL DAY LONG.

Bread is a good deal. The green Oatnut is 2 loaves for $6 and the loaves are bigger than at Walmart, and they are also $3.79/each at Walmart. Much better deal.

Cheese sticks are a better deal.

Fruits and vegetables are usually a better deal and also beter tasting, but only if I actually EAT all of what we buy. In our house we always eat the strawberries, red peppers, pears, blueberries, raspberries, asparagus, green beans before they go bad, so it’s good for us. I buy almost all my produce there.

Big blocks of sharp cheddar are a better deal than Walmart though I don’t remember the exact pricing at the moment.

About twice a year they have Hanna pjs and dresses for little girls for about $13, which is a KILLER deal and I stock up like whoa.

A recent find for me is the Kirkland brand dishwasher detergent. It’s like, two giant jugs of the stuff for $8 or $9 and just ONE jug of Cascade costs that much. And the really weird part is the Kirkland brand works waayyyyyyyy better than the Cascade ever did.

Raw, unsalted almonds are a decent deal.

And cane sugar Dr Pepper is a very good deal there – 24 bottles for $15 and at Walmart the same number of bottles runs $24.

A'Dell Says:

Oh! And meat! I buy all my meat there! But, I think everyone does, right? Again, I’m not terribly sure on the PRICE being the best, but the quality is always top notch and they actually always HAVE the cuts I am looking for at Not Central Market prices.

Well, actually, I DO remember that getting a rib roast there for Christmas was about 60% cheaper per pound than what Central Market wanted one year. So, there’s that data point.

A'Dell Says:

Also, do you remember that thing Diane found about Olive Oil sold in bulk sometimes having PEANUT OIL in it? And it was this big Olive Oil Fight with importers? So now I’m always wondering if it’s REALLY all olive oil Sigh.

Oh yes, here it is! It was crazy!


Megan @ Mama Bub Says:

Butter, milk, cheese, meat. Like A’Dell said I don’t think the meat is cheaper – although chicken and ground turkey might be, and are at least comparable – but it’s good and good quality.

Oh, and Hanna Andersson pajamas are much cheaper when sold there. Unfortunately those don’t come in my size.

K Says:

I love buying huge vats of grapes and strawberries and avocados. Their pineapples are always a good steal, too. As is their ginormous chicken pot pie. : )

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