Did you know this is a show on Bio? I haven’t watched it, of course, I’m too irritated that I could have sold my stories of dating psychos. I COULD HAVE GOTTEN PAID for what I went through instead of just having a veritable shitton of material to blog.

Did you know that when I was in high school my boyfriend went to jail? Oh they let him out on work release after 30 days but before then? JAIL. So when my step-father passed away of a heart attack when I was 17 years old? Yeah. My boyfriend of 2 years was in jail. We had to get special permission for him to attend the funeral…and then return to jail. It was a special, special time in my life. I was living alone in our apartment, still going to HIGH SCHOOL–my senior year you know, going to work full time, picking up the pieces of a mother who was falling apart (the same mother that kicked me out of the house months prior), grieving my step-father’s loss and trying to reconnect with a brother I hadn’t seen in months.

I’m not sure why I stayed with him…some misguided idea I could save him or fix him is usually the thing that comes to mind first but the deeper reason is some whole cycle of abuse ugliness that is rooted in my relationship with my parents and what I thought I was worthy of at the time (and for a long time honestly) because if you thought that was the worst thing about the guy I dated in high school? Well clearly we have different meanings of the word psycho.

Let me first fill in the gap of why he went to jail. He told me he was in a fight and THE DUDE was pressing charges. So as a dutiful girlfriend, I went to court. His family knew the REAL reason and yet they didn’t balk at my being there, I have to think he let them believe he told me the true story because when THE GIRL was pointed out as the plaintiff and I, understandably, reacted poorly, it was a scene. It was a bigger scene when they read the verdict and he fainted in court and had to be hauled off in an ambulance. Imagine the further shock as it was revealed to me in bits and pieces that said plaintiff was a “massage therapist” that he had refused services from (after an argument over price, because that’s always classy) and ultimately refused to pay and that ended in the fight. So yeah.

This is the guy I moved to Texas for, the morning after I graduated High School, because even after this (him cheating on me and his failed attempt at the military) he was still a better option to me than my family.

There are more stories, of course there are, but we have to start somewhere.

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8 Responses to “I dated a psycho”


And yet, look how amazing you turned out. What doesn’t kills us….ends up in jail, no? Love you.

CharlieSue Says:

Well, it seems like we could share many, MANY stories. GOOD LORD.

However- you’re awesome on SO many levels. And not being there anymore? That’s ALL YOU, lady. xo

Jessica Says:

I think I dated a guy who went to prison TWICE! But the stories surrounding that were pretty vague so I wasn’t sure until we broke up and now I feel like a big huge idiot. I’m glad you’re happy now though!

Elsha Says:

Whoa. That is some crazy right there.

Blondie Says:

You need to write a book. Seriously – you can market it as a survival guide

You’re awesome !

Average Jane Says:

Oh yes, I had a psycho ex of my own. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to write about him, despite the fact that it was more than two decades ago.

It sure taught me to appreciate a non-psycho when I finally got rid of him and started dating my husband.

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