re-use and re-applying myself

In order to get the house in shape for Sprog’s big graduation party, I have been steadily working my way through organization projects and problems areas in our home, of which there are many. One of my final posts on Style Lush asked for assistance making an ugly utilitarian metal bookcase work in our entry way. I’m still working on that area but at least I have made some efforts and some changes to the bookcase

photo (24)

photo (25)


Close-up on the paint:

I have plans to get rid of that beat up old picnic basket currently holding shoes and replace it with metal bins of some sort inspired by this
from Martha Stewart Living magazine but I have had a devil of a time locating what I need. I finally found something similar at Garden Ridge Pottery but they were too small. I really wanted to avoid shopping online if I could help it but it’s looking like that might be my only sure thing.

I’ve also found these vintage metal locker baskets that I quite like and may just have to go ahead and order if I my last store attempt strikes out.

I also intend on an open wire basket for our mail recycling to go on the open shelf above the shoes and some sort of mail sorting system with key hanger to hang on the wall next to the door? Maybe something like this one from Umbra

As for the top, I intend to keep it as bare as possible but maybe hang a mirror on the wall…or layer in a print next to the Stag, not positive how I want to deal with that yet.

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