I cook most days of the week, lunches and dinners (two dinners usually since I eat veg and the boys are meat eaters) and I’m totally OVER the whole sitch. I truly, truly hate walking up to my fridge or stove most days and I dread seeing the expectant look on my starving husband’s face the moment he walks in the door. In the interest of helping me out of my rut and maybe to like cooking, a little bit, again, we held a family meeting where the boys gave me suggestions of things they really like that maybe I haven’t made in a while and I put them on a list. I also tossed out ideas to see where on the scale of acceptable to the picky teenager they might fall.

On top of that, I resolved to cull through my pantry and additional food storage and use what I had lurking instead of continually going to the store for the easy things we’ve started grabbing. I added a weekly run to TJ’s for produce and small freezer items because although the drive isn’t quick, the prices are LOW and the produce is way better than either of the two stores closest to me which is annoying.

Once I get into a better rhythm I fully intend to start cooking from my store of cook books once a week and my pinned recipes once every two or three weeks. We’ll see how that plays out. Anyway, here are some things I’ve made recently that I really liked.

Jamie Oliver’s Caponata (thanks to Hillary for turning me onto this recipe it’s so awesome!)

Roasted Sweet Potato and Grain Spinach Salad I made my own tweaks to this (like subbing Meyer Lemon vinaigrette for the dressing) but I loved the sweet potatoes so much I have made them a couple more times as a side.

BBQ Lentils with broccoli slaw, sweet potato steak fries and some bread and butter pickles

Shoyu Ramen with grilled eggplant and baby bok choy

Lentil soup with avocado

Gruyere and homemade rosemary balsamic fig jam panini

Guac with crumbled feta

Over easy egg on balsamic shredded Brussels sprouts, quinoa and brown rice

What are your recent tasty eats?

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8 Responses to “Recent tasty eats”

stephanie Says:

Oooh, do you have a recipe for the BBQ lentils that you can share? That sound delicious and easy!

We eat a lot of beans in our house. We’ll make a big pot over the weekend and use them in burrito bowls, enchiladas, beans & rice, tacos. (We are obviously big fans of Mexican/TexMex food.) We probably use 2-3 dinners worth, then just freeze the rest and defrost a few weeks later to do the same thing.

We also make a lot of soups, since they tend to reheat well as leftovers.

Since you like lentils, this soup is awesome – http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/red-lentil-soup-recipe.html

If you are a blue cheese fan, this one is also really good –

We made this for dinner this week and it was delicious –
http://www.dailygarnish.com/2011/09/coconut-curried-potatoes-with-peas.html (We served up some TJs naan with it.)

Home Sweet Sarah Says:

Yum, yum, yum! I am trying to get Chris to eat a few veg meals here and there. I feel like it’s easier, healthier (sometimes), and cheaper, so why not throw a few into the mix? He remains fairly unconvinced (I’m sure you can relate), but we did do curried lentils and veg over coconut rice yesterday (along with a big salad with homemade blue cheese dressing and avo) and I heard none complaints about being “starving” an hour later. VIVA LA VEG! (I originally typed that as VIVA LA VAG! Well, that too ;-) )

K Says:

Holy snap that panini looks GOOD.

Blondie Says:

Great – looking sat yummy food while at work with no lunch! :). Cooking should be fun – the planning is not I agree

Manda Says:

I have been DROOLING over your Instagram stream lately. It looks totally delicious, #1. And #2? I didn’t cook it! I totally get what you mean about cooking ruts and different meals for different sets of people (my sets are adults and little people these days. WHO EVEN KNOWS what the little people will eat?!). My husband comes in the door with that same expectant look. I have been trying to come up with more slow cooker stuff lately and that helps but having freezer meals (like lasagna or frozen pizza, etc.) really helps when I’m in a rut. It’s just EASIER to throw something in the oven or microwave some nights and add a salad and be done with it. Not to mention? Orange chicken is Syd’s favorite meal EVER. We eat that once a week or so bc Elijah will eat it too.

Elizabeth Says:

I seriously want to make every single one of these. YUM. Do you have a lentil burger recipe that you use? I have NO idea how to make those but they look so good!

Jesabes Says:

We had black bean and spinach enchiladas this week and they were SO GOOD. Though you do have to like cilantro, because we found it to be a very important part.


Kristie Says:

I’d love to try the BBQ lentils, that sounds delicious! I’ve been trying to cook more, too and eat dinner as a family. Derick LOVES soup with beans (any kind) in it so I’ve been making a lot of homemade veggie/bean soup. It’s super quick and super easy to make from things you’ve got languishing around the fridge.

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