vitamins and air purifiers and roombas, oh my

For whatever reason, 2013 has become a commitment to working my health shit out. Maybe it’s because the mutant thing is finally giving us some hope or maybe it’s because we’ve used our Amex card so much we have enough cash-back to use on spendy things; either way, we’re doing a lot of new things around here.

The first thing was to add back all the vitamins my body is sorely lacking. Every day I am taking a Super B Complex, Vitamin D3, Flax Seed Oil and Probiotic Supplement in addition to my regular multi-vitamin. I’ve also started giving Sprog the B as well since there’s a good chance he has the same mutation (and given the symptoms of the deficiency, it sounds like he’s there) so hopefully he can avoid some of the problems I have by starting him out early.

Then we purchased an air purifier for the bedroom
and I’m increasing the frequency that I wash the dog bedding.

I started walking the dogs every single morning. Unless I have a full bore migraine, I still go out there headache or no, I don’t know how long my allergies are going to be bearable but my body really needs the exercise and the “fresh” air.
We walk the bayou directly behind the house. It’s one of the bonuses about this house and we really need to take advantage of having it. (more pictures in my flickr or in my Instagram, tagged #morningwalk)

Our most recent addition to the new regimen is the purchase of a Roomba, I wrote about it here on Style Lush, but we are really focusing on keeping the dust to a minimum in the house and the girls track in so much from the yard as the grass is still trying to make a come back after the years of drought. So the Roomba running everyday should really help with that situation


even if the girls weren’t exactly thrilled at first (Maddie still hates it, Mayday just constantly gets in the thing’s way so I lock them in the bedroom while it runs).

I also would like to get back to yoga and I desperately need to start weight training or I’m going to wind up back in PT (I pretty much need an adjustment right now) but I’m really trying to get into solid habits before I try to jump into another one lest I just drop everything altogether.

I have some other vitamins/supplements that I am researching and probably will be adding to my rotation very soon, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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