Let’s talk fashion

This year is a big year with lots of changes and lots of growth and I’m really trying to do my best to not only ride it out but embrace the changes and do everything I can to turn this year out. I’m making changes for my health after the whole mutant thing (taking daily vitamin B and D supplements) and have added a morning walk with the girls.

I’ve also been making changes around the house, organizing, reducing clutter fixing areas that have bugged the shit out of me for a while and part of that has been taking a long hard look at my wardrobe. Last year I started working at wearing thingsnI already owned (wear your shit) photographing the combinations (when I remembered) and sharing the outcome on IG and twitter. Going through that process helped really open my eyes to a whole lot of stuff that resides in my closet I never touch, a lot of stuff that is so close to being “right” but is off in some small way, and a much smaller amount of things that I wear the majority of the time. It also helped me sit down and identify what really gets “me” to help me purchase in the future.

For far too long, I’ve been buying thoughtlessly (just to have something new for an event) because I loved it on someone else or to keep up with trends. I have determined I love things that have a little bit of edge, a little special detail here or there on an otherwise classic item.

Christmas Day outfit
Like the sleeves on this black top, which have a slant and little button detail
Or the embroidered bow on this top
The zipper and cowl detail on this “jacket”
The hot pink sole and laces on these oxfords
The bubble skirt and drapey back of this long sleeve dress
The pleats and gold tips of the bow on this blouse

I spent a lot of time trying to identify my style which was more like trying to shoe horn my style into conventional buckets which isn’t really me…focusing JUST on details opens me up to all sorts of styles and THAT allows for me to dress according to my mood.

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