18 years ago I spent my birthday miserably pregnant with horrible “morning sickness” that lasted all day. I was anxious and excited at my not so distant future life as a mother and couldn’t wait to meet the little person I was carrying inside me.

18 years later and I’m still anxious and excited but for vastly different reasons. I know that little person now, only he’s definitely not so little anymore and hasn’t been for some time. I have been trying to adjust to all these changes as best as I can, but frankly as much as I love the man he’s become, I still miss my little guy. The end of this week is final call for ordering his cap and gown. We get mail from Art Institutes, Culinary Academies and the military all jockeying to own a peace of his future. He will be registering for selective service this year. He will be graduating high school this year. It will be his 18th birthday in 5 months. He’ll graduate in 6. And that graduation is on the 20th anniversary of my own graduation from high school.

This year holds BIG changes and BIG milestones…just like 18 years ago.

I can scarcely believe we are here already.

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