the mutant

If you follow me on twitter, you may have already read, but I recently had some bloodwork done at the behest of my new GYN. I’m not sure she’s permanently going to be my GYN (GAWD I miss my Dr. that situation sucks ass) as her office staff SUCKS and getting blood drawn somehow required 12 vials and two visits to complete as well as them utterly fucking up my estrogen script. Oh and I still haven’t received any word back on my pap. But anyway…the results of my bloodwork were of high interest in this house because my younger husband (by 4 years at the present on my birthday, Monday, it goes back to 5) has an issue with his triglycerides and he was SURE that I would too, since we live together and all. Not sure how he thought that my being a vegetarian and him not wouldn’t have ANY effect whatsoever but apparently, those facts, not so much a concern for him.

Y’all will probably be completely un-shocked to find that my triglycerides are not the same as my husband’s, in fact, mine are much lower and my cholesterol numbers overall are really good, which is happy making since I have been such a total slug about exercise. Maybe someday when I can breathe again, I’ll be able to exercise consistently again. Maybe. At any rate, the numbers I expected to be good were good, the numbers I expected to be bad were bad (my testosterone level is terrible, thanks endometriosis!) and the number the Dr expected to be shit was complete shit. Namely, my vitamin D. In describing my migraines/headaches, her first assumption was that I would be vitamin D deficient and lo, I am so deficient I don’t even register. Obviously, I am now taking mass amounts of vitamin D supplements to try and sort that situation out but thankfully, my calcium levels are still good which bodes well for bones (even though I already have some osteoarthritis in my neck) and also apparently for my cardiovascular health (a nurse friend mentioned that because of this next part). So even though a deficiency is bad (ironically low vitamin D means you catch the flu easier. APPARENTLY SO SINCE I JUST HAD THE FLU FROM HELL, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) it could be worse.

And then, then I found out that I have a genetic mutation I wasn’t aware of. It’s the MTHFR gene and essentially my body doesn’t process folic acid and vitamin B12. Which explains why I am so nearsighted (seriously? genes are weird) but also means that I have an excess of homocysteine in my blood stream and obviously a deficiency of B12 (and other B vitamins). High homocysteine levels can lead to heart disease so hey, that’s a bad thing. I’m not going to freak about it because my other markers are all good (low blood pressure, good cholesterol, good calcium) but it is a new weird thing about me to be sure. I am tying to learn as much as I can about it and how to best handle the situation, ie when to take supplements for best chance at absorption, what foods are naturally high in B vitamins to add to my diet, things of that nature.

More pills, more abnormalities, more illness…2013, we aren’t getting off on the right foot here.

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