2012 sucked a lot. A recap is too hard, so have this instead

I decided I might try to do a month by month photo recap instead of the written version that everyone else is doing, not to be different, but because I did the meme and mine was DEPRESSING so PASS.

I don’t even think I’ll do a month to month, but more hey, here are some GOOD moments from this shit year, moments that make me smile and leave it at that. We all need more GOOD, right?

Okay then, onward, to the pictures!

In Jan, I was in Austin twice. I love Austin. I have peeps, many peeps, I love there and still others I seem to be able to catch when they are there.
Us on 6th (snagged from Kristie)



In Feb (I think) A’Dell was in town and we had brunch

In March, I got a new camera, took photos of Sprog and went to Arizona for my first paid photography job
Edited version

In April, I was back in Austin to second shoot for Natalie at Whitney and Matt’s wedding

In May, my baby boy turned 17 and I took him cupcakes and Jack-n-the-Box at school, he also got his first smart phone



In August we were back in Austin (just for an afternoon) to get Sprog his driver’s license
and then Willy and I went to Wales to see two beautiful people get married in a fantastically beautiful place

Bridge over The River Dee from the train trestle


I made a lot of flowers for it

And Willy and I ended our mini vaca over in Amsterdam

September brought Sprog his first car

October we supported a cause by participating in the NOH8 campaign
NOH8 Official Photo
and I’d like to share Jennie’s words from her recap here because she said this so beautifully: “Every year, the same issue moves me like no other: those of the same sex who just want a marriage like I have. When I think of what I have with Mike–the fights, the love, the laughter, the tight hugs, and the easy conversation–and then I think that two people also want that but can’t have it because of their anatomy and because of others’ religion, I just get sick. I do. I know it’s polarizing! I know I may love you while you’re against it! But I can’t be against an adult who just wants to lay in bed and hold the hand of someone he/she calls “husband” or “wife” like I lay in bed and hold the hand of the person I get to call husband. I just can’t. I never will be against that. Marriage equality. It moves me every year, among many other political issues.”

I also second shot another wedding with Natalie
Melissa and Carl

Plus a little bonus holiday shoot before I headed home

November it was off for another shoot in Arizona and then over to New Orleans for The Blathering


and back home for a holiday shoot with this adorable little lady

Plus Ren Fest where I FINALLY got to wear my wings
Faire Photos
(photo via pygmypony.net)

*We did go to Dallas/Ft Worth a couple of times in there as well but at least one time ended with major car trouble and the other I had a dislocated rib so those trips are tainted, sadly, in my mind. Still love my D/FT Worth contingent though which is why I tried to include pics of y’all in other ways 😉

**My Az BFF is not down with pics of her children on the wilds of the internet (which is totally cool) but is also why none of those pics are appearing here, just FYI.

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