in 2013 I’d like to

I’ll admit to having high hopes for this coming year…mainly because the past two years have been an utter crapfest. Please let the streak end already, universe, okay?

These are not resolutions or goals or anything so strict as that but rather a bunch a things I hope will be accomplished or will occur this coming year.

*New table for the entry way, move all mail processing to that table and off the bar/buffet thing, including the paper recycling. Get cute bin for the paper recycling and move boots out there plus shoe basket for by the door.

*Paint entry way area a different color.

*New rug for the living room. Already picked out, just go to Ikea and get it already.

*Paint guest bathroom a different color

*Rip out the last of the nasty carpet in our bathroom. Build a vanity solution ourselves since there is no such thing as a stupid L-shaped vanity in normal society anymore (UGH HATE) tile the floor (GET THE BLASTED TILE OUT OF THE GARAGE FINALLY) and paint the walls.

*Continue my acts of kindness. Once a month (at least) on or around my birthday day (so the 14th) do something kind for someone, anyone, to promote good.

*Meal plan, shop accordingly and maybe hate cooking dinner a little less? I hate cooking dinner. HATE COOKING DINNER so much right now, maybe this will help. Also have family meeting to get boy input on what they would like to see on the menu. Cook from cookbooks at least once a week.

*Travel more. This is always on my list, will always be on my list, I am a happier person when I am going elsewhere. Fact. But I’d like to add “travel with FRIENDS” this year. I miss people. Simple truth.

*Camp. The weather was utter shit last year (and the year before) and I really would love to just go commune with nature a bit and if we could do it with a group? All the better.

*Get back to yoga. I need it.

*Start the weight training my PT wanted me to do months ago. I am all out of whack again and I really need to address it before I need to start paying $90 a visit to get him to put me back right again.

*Have a game night with friends.

*Get out more. I have been a hermit due to the years of suck and it showing in my general stress level around the general public.

*Related: date nights with my husband, more time with friends and loved ones.

*Related (and via Twitter last night): beach house/lake house/hill country house rental with friends, play Cards Against Humanity

*Get at least one tattoo…more if I can.

*Work on the photo business/my skillset. My business is off to a bit of a slow start and it’s easy to get defeated so…I really need to just buck up and keep putting myself out there, trying harder, improving myself.

*Get a new car. My car, she is old and giving us LOTS OF TROUBLE and I’m OVER IT. We need to have that money pit behind us. As soon as the bills/husband’s car/money situation allows, we are getting it handled.

*Purge, organize, streamline, live with less. We need to pare down the junk in this house. I can’t take the clutter. CAN’T.

*Get a guest bed solution/room/office situation sorted so people could visit and stay here if they wanted.

*Overhaul my wardrobe. I did the “wear your shit” last year and now I have a good idea what I have that I love and what I have that I hate and what I have that I don’t even touch. Now it’s time to get rid of stuff and buy only stuff that I KNOW I love. I also have identified what “gets me” so it’s easier to buy things right the first time.


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